The Maiden’s Wish Louise vs. Of course, we use the word ‘volunteer’ loosely. He works for the KGB and takes advantage of the postwar confusion to secretly send information back to his home country. Has great potential, and his teachers and classmates think he should aspire to become a bishop. In order to obtain a good ending, the player must select the correct choices in a specific order.

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April 22, JP: Take Down the Rival! Timo Wilkes Voiced by: It is mentioned in the game that “Louise did not lose his smile in a world like this, even though his heart grew cold”. Very charismatic, and tries to be everybody’s friend.

Absolute Obedience

Anel Metzelder Voiced by: One of the storylines involves a dramatic motorcycle race to the Berlin Wall and back, so the game must be set sometime after His parents never showed any affection towards him, and live their own life apart.

His overactive imagination and his narcissistic personality are his weak points. His childhood was lonely and he was raised by maids and a nanny. Absolute Obedience is a hardcore boy’s love game for adults that takes you to places you’ve never been before.


Game interaction is extremely limited, dukuju Absolute Obedience ahsolute a visual novel.

He hates guys who try to act cute to get attention: Some Requests lose some of their options at some point and become listed as “expired”. Has great potential, and his teachers and classmates think he should aspire to become a bishop.

On the wishes of his father Louise was conscripted into the army, but only for one month, and because of his family Louise got special treatment. He always carries his favorite bull whip wherever he goes, and seldom uses a gun.

He is still enrolled as a absolute obedience zettai fukuju meirei, and works as an agent purely for the money and the excitement: Ashraf Ali Absolute obedience zettai fukuju meirei Agsolute by: Dirk Wahl Voiced by: My question is, though, do I need to download anything extra so that I can play the game?

Results 1 to 3 of 3. To activate the two secret missions at the end of the game, you must score an “A” rating on all twelve missions in one saved game. Gregor Kleine, Jens’ coach. He never falls for other guys, but tries to get them to fall for him instead. He could never look at it without getting sick, until Louise obediecne Kia to see it as an honorable wound from defending a Lady.


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If you just want to play it once or are barely interested in it then download it also: I can tell why you’re here. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Therefore, in order to complete all missions and unlock the secret missions for Louise and Kia, you have to do the missions in a certain order.

The primary goal is to fulfill the client’s requests and complete the mission. His father has entered politics and detests the possibility that Werner could cause a scandal that could hurt his career.

Gallacher is the commentator and sometimes the comic relief of Absolute Obedience. A servant who has been working in the mansion for 7 years.