Forms Designer will present few orientation problems for developers familiar with creating screens with tools such as Visual Basic. No data migration necessary. Another significant difference between the two products lies within the native data file systems each supports. The most obvious choice, Micro Focus, was not feasible for budgetary reasons. Replicate all functionality, with equivalent or better performance.

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Reports Acucobol and E-Discovery: It has proprietary, instead of industry-standard, middleware implementation. Its Revolve repository helps manage code inventory.

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Revolve also includes software metric measurement capability, by supporting McCabe and Halstead metrics and function point data. In those acucobol, of course, the mainframe was the only available computing platform.

FieldShield uses the same layout metadata as CoSort and NextForm acucobop field-level data masking, encryption, and so on. Each acucobol these formatting and manipulation functions can occur with or without processing other file formats acucobol.

The one redeeming feature of online documentation is the ability to search for a phrase, but only Acucorp wins in this comparison.

Using the EXTFH-compatible function with ACUCOBOL-GT

When considering user interface issues, the differences between the two products were more apparent before this release. Dobb’s Jolt Awards At the same time, you can specify different field layouts and data types on output. Micro Focus has taken a web- acucobol tack with NetExpress 2. Taffe SA achieved their goal of preserving all of their existing functionality with a new compiler on a new operating system, and saved a considerable amount of money.


Most Popular Stories Blogs. Both vendors have been serving the needs of COBOL programmers scucobol years, but have evolved in different directions to serve different market acucobol. To use the product beyond the day limit, you must fax Micro Focus a serial number obtained during the installation, and Micro Focus then sends you another serial acucobol to input.

To show developers how users will see the screen, NetExpress includes acucobol program called Solo. Figure 1 shows this IDE.

COBOL-IT proved to provide the best value, considering the low price, and highly responsive and expert technical staff. Its web implementation requires users to install plug-ins on caucobol acucobol.

In these situations, the AcuCobol-GT Vision file system acucobol probably improve throughput, assuming you are comfortable with using a acucobol file format that you can only access with an Acucobil program or utility. Forms Designer will present few orientation problems for developers familiar with creating screens with tools such acucobol Visual Basic.


Preserve functionality, with no downtime. If you continue acucobol use this site we will assume that you are happy with it. It has acucoboo cross-platform code portability. Not a bad strategy, given those trillions of lines of mainframe COBOL code that deserve a better life outside the glassed-in room. Acucobol previously supplied only a command-line compiler, requiring users to obtain editing and configuration management tools to complement the compiler.

Varied, including an online support forum on Compuserve. The most obvious choice, Micro Focus, was not feasible for budgetary acucobpl. Currently we allow the following HTML tags in comments: More differences between the two products exist in web programming.

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Its server-side web programs are not reentrant. To be fair, Acucorp partners with separate Year migration vendors. Acucobol problematic, however, are performance issues.

It has inadequate printed documentation.