Not so much as a warning out of gcc! The second problem is that you haven’t specified an entry point. This is a Windows program. I have since changed a few things myself. Sign up or log in Sign up using Google.

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It’ll even pull them off the system path, so you don’t need to put anything in the same folder as your source code. Discovered ilnker the additions to alink. The major problem you’re having with alink is that it doesn’t have any bit support, which is why you had to use nasm -fwin32 to generate bit object alink linker.

assembly – linking a .obj file with alink – Stack Overflow

Anyway, I hope that gets you started in the direction you want to go. If you want to get really down and dirty with Win64 assembly, you’ll probably want to go ahead and just use the Windows API, leaving out msvcrt. This free linker alink linker the ability to link a wide variety of object code modules, from the Allink format generated by Borland’s compilers to the COFF format used by Microsoft’s compilers.

The assembler supports macros, include directives, repetitions, conditional assembly, local symbols, optimizations eg, choosing the shortest branch instruction or addressing wlink alink linker, relaxations eg, changing a branch instruction to an absolute jump where neededetc.


You have to scroll down the alink linker to find the assembler. According to the web page, the author hopes to implement support for generating debugging information for CodeView and Turbo Debugger. Sign up using Email and Password.

alink(1) – Linux man page

It generates a wide range of object file formats, including a. Resource files are also supported for the PE output files. Alink linker look into that if Alink linker can get the “regular” version working If nobody’s answered your question by the time I get home tonight, I’ll write a sample Hello World in nasm-style assembly for win64 and ilnker it with linking instructions. Stack Overflow works best with JavaScript enabled.

ALink – OSDev Wiki

Note that the reason we include kernel This is a Windows program. Getting by that, I’m getting complaints about “NULL” not being defined replaced ’em with alino “by hand”. I don’t recall what it’s supposed to fix, and I don’t know whether Anthony’s incorporated these changes into his latest version looks like some pretty old file dates, so maybe not Looking for an assembler or linker or librarian to write that high speed routine or application?

The alimk major problem you’re having is that your example code isn’t suited for Windows. For the 64b object, try another link-editor alink linker goLink, as James suggested. Here’s one that you can use to get started that won’t crash when you run it:. Only an “interim report” so far I alink linker this C-cruft was supposed llnker be portable!!! For my linkerr alink linker script will be called from a Makefile for a project I’m planning on releasing on SF soon so I wanted an easy way to get a linker happening without the user having to compile something separately and using patch files.


This x86 assembler is near MASM 5.

I could also have changed the testing for the 0. Thank you man, alunk know there is much time have passed since you wrote it, but it was a BIG help, thanks a lot again.

It is released under alink linker simplified 2-clause BSD licence “license” if you use a different variant of English. I put this script together that others may find useful.

Free Assemblers, Linkers and Object Module Librarians

Email Required, but never shown. The second problem is that you haven’t specified an entry point. This is aljnk free macro assembler that assembles Intel x86 assembly code. I should note that there’s a “patched” version of Alink in the files section of the Yahoo winnasm-users group. According to the website, it also has support for “code optimization”, and can generate binary files, MZ and PE executables. Alink linker Kumar 1, 3 31