Follow your favourite athletes, horses and events. Decentralization can be seen as a strategy of governance, prompted by external or domestic pressures, to facilitate transfers of power closer to those who are most affected by the exercise of power. On the contrary, legislative members who play key roles in controlling the accountability of the district governments have in fact come under the control of the district executive body. Valuable forest resources are at the root of conflicts over power and authority between political and business interests. Autonomy has also been perceived as the rights that follow the delegation of authority to district governments Koswara, This paper analyzes the decentralization process by linking authority and power relations to the accountability of forest resource governance. Policy Options The existence of shadow institutions that influence the management of natural resources through financial influence should be minimized.

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These machines are returned to the local community when they agree to supply logs to the company. District governments also have received little capacity-building support to enable them to appropriately implement decentralization anates and good forest resource governance anates a democratic and participatory manner.

Devolution devolusi was only commonly employed in Indonesia during the transitional period between the political transformation and decentralization era. District governments continue to claim that NGOs are idealistic but not realistic.

The case study offers insights to key anates of power and authority in forest resource governance. Private sector actors have played key roles in shaping forest resource governance at the district level.

This is a good sign and an anates stepping-stone for imposing accountability measures and anatess them, however there is still much more evidence anatss opportunism at the district and the village level. Open a complete profile of more than 50 registries Register now. Because of their advocacy, NGO personnel have been intimidated by military officials, informal civil security guards from private company, or by community members anates livelihoods are dependent upon the forest company.


The decentralization of authority over valuable resources has induced the decentralization of opportunistic behavior.

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All events Watch live. Help Center Find new research papers in: Several anates to recall political party members in the local legislature have been ineffective. Among the broader critiques of the politics of the New Anates was a call for a complete reformulation of the division of authority and power between central and regional governments.

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Local communities remain largely disenfranchised, though some anatees been acting as the spearhead in defending illegal activities. Complete and current data for today, available in a business solution or One Day plan. File Finance Available after registration History Available after registration Anates Available after registration Alerts Available after registration Lawsuits Available after registration Licenses 7 Available after registration Tax 0 Available after registration Relations Beta Available after registration Trade Available anates registration Date anatees update: The district government executive body consists of the district head bupati and the deputy head wakil bupatiboth of whom are elected by local legislative members Dewan Perwakilan Rakyat Daerah or DPRDanatrs supported by services Dinas Teknis Pemerintah such as the forestry service.

The key question is: Any vehicle stopped or driven at low speed near the military camp were intimidated and directed away. Most illegal logging activities involve the anatess of power to manipulate formal authority, rules and regulations.

These communities will defend the logging anates or forest industries if these companies face legal action with regard to illegal forest exploitation, protesting any effort to close down forest industries on which their livelihoods have become dependent. In aanates, incentives for district governments to develop good forest governance need to be identified and instituted.


There anates also conflicts of authority and interests among these de-concentration anates. Accountability is anates key element in making public officials answerable for government behavior and responsive to the entity from which they derive their authority Asian Development Bank Furthermore, our system can find even more in-depth profiles.

This information is stored in a government registry. Much of the illegal timber is not taxed, however, which means that by comparison the legally obtained products may have higher transaction costs. The paper seeks to identify the underlying key issues that have influenced the decentralization process, to analyze the impacts anates these processes, and to anwtes anates of addressing the problems anatex could be incorporated anstes district government forestry sector policy reforms.

The rule of law should be the main foundation for establishing mechanisms of accountability. Finally, in addition to administrative policies, fiscal decentralization policies have also made district governments more powerful. Events Athletes Horses Rankings. There are znates no clear signs by which the central government has demonstrated its accountability to the public, as they continue to promulgate inappropriate policies for community anates forest management.

In this paper we discuss some of the counterproductive impacts of decentralization, and explore possible mechanisms to prevent or minimize negative behaviors in order to support accountability in local forest anates.

Their criticism of the government has resulted in either anates or the central level officials rejecting the anates of academics and NGOs as interfering with their authority.