Hotkey by default Ctrl-F Now emulator pointers display correctly in address editing window. Automatic game type detection. This option is very useful for search of pointers. Both tables must be created by the same author! New emulator options for “Nintendo 64”.

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Final artmoney pro 7.35 also displays as emulator address. M1 and M3 states have the same life value. Two tables can be merged. Player Damage, where I want to freeze it and allow it to become less but not to increase. Bug artmoney pro 7.35 “Economical mode” Fixed: This option can increase a speed of search in times, but it uses a lot of memory we recommend minimum 5Mb for bits processes and Mb for bits processes.

That shows up only when you set your computer into the non standard font mode standard is 96 dpi. Full support for GameHack 2. For example, try to find health points in savegame file. The process performs faster and ArtMoney scans it faster. Folder options added file name mask and modification time.


ArtMoney PRO v –

New data type “Integer 3 bytes”. Support emulator pointers with reverse bytes order. Pointers with lesser offset will be displayed first. The program works with addresses inside memory block.

You can edit integer numbers like hexadecimal value. You can download and install it from our site www.

Now you can filter pointers by address, by exact value, by range of values, by structure, by condition of unknown value. Fixed bug in unknown filtration with bit process on Windows x Fixed bug with loading of ArtMoney table with module addressing. Added address corrector in artmoney pro 7.35 option for Midway Wolf Unit System. Fixed bug when the program skipped some addresses for some bits processes on Windows x No more keyfiles and passwords! The table will always work. Removed option “Library for process viewer”.

Fixed bug in filtration with conditions “was increased by”, “was decreased by”, “was changed by” for float values. Removed skin engine because ThemeEngine project closed. Fixed bug with “Set saving pointer to all to group ” command.


Advanced Uninstaller PRO

Hotkey popup improved Interface improved All known bugs were fixed. Fixed bug with “Edit Selected”. Now you can search and filter with “Module addressing” option. The process map can be converted to Excel.

Fixed bug when addresses in bit process shows as bit addresses.

Fixed bug with DPI setting. Sometimes the program crashed during formula filter running.