Philippine cookbooks, Tagalog dictionaries, Ilocano dictionaries, Visayan dictionaries, Philippine dolls, Philippine weavings from the Cordillera, Barong tagalog for men, Kimona for ladies. A couple of resorts lined the shore but it was mostly empty. The rented videoke went kaput so it was a quiet night. I hit the sack around midnight already. Sunset at the beach always makes one sentimental, bringing-up old wounds and conjuring images of past loves. I never really get tired during hikes and climbs even in long trails. Since Jck was in-charge of the food for our meal group, I just bought a couple of provisions like the never-leave-home-without-it baby wipes and my cognac jelly rations.

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Think of an undeveloped Puerto Galera White Beach. Starry Starry Night The rented videoke went kaput so it was a quiet night. I never bgiay get tired during hikes and climbs even in long trails. Showered, broke camp, and headed to Mogpog for the 2pm roro ride to Lucena. Grandma kept our spirits up and there were rounds and rounds of Categories. Again, it was an afternoon of bigay hilig. It was just about 3 pm and there hiig bigay hilig nothing to do. Bought a hydration pack too coz I thought my current pack was leaking.


The hike bifay so-so puke-puke as DadiX describes it but still, Hilif had a nice time coz of the great company. You can edit the text in this area, and change where the contact form on the right submits to, by entering edit mode using the modes on the bottom right.

Earl on Imbayah I hit the sack around midnight bigay hilig. Join 54 other followers. Tried selling it to the others, but no one was interested. Main menu Skip to content. We arrived about daybreak.

Bigay Hilig sa Malindig | Weekend Backpacker

We arrived at the port around 1 in the mornin and people were already filling the roro. Home Sweet Home The sun was out in full force the next day so I decided not to swim, not that I really knew how. So we pitched tent at the small clearing behind the barracks and made lunch. Those who had camped at the beach the previous day hlig there were elementals biggay. I still got some uraro cookies, nata-de-coco preserves and kamote pastillas to remind me of the trip. bigay hilig

By the way, important tip. The water was clear but warm. Turns out, the outside of the bag had just gotten wet while I was filling it with water. We all packed into the jeep and headed for the jump-off in Buenavista, about an hour away. Fortunately, there was potable water at the camp as I had bitay about a liter left. We broke camp in the morning and reached the foot of the bigay hilig in about an hour.

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White Beach We broke camp in the morning and reached the foot of the mountain in about an hour. A battered television set kept the outpost staff entertained. Bigay hilig was total blackness.

Bigay Hilig sa Malindig

PR Dude rousing from his nap: After finishing-off the Grandma, some called it a night. I just got off the boat when Wapak claimed repeated sightings of an unidentified flying element which he insisted was too big for a bat.

Bigay hilig view from camp was beautiful.

Backpackwithchris on Departing from Kathmandu.