The various elements of the user interface knobs, sliders, buttons The frequency response of the crossover filters is displayed with a different color for each band. There are two ways of performing this. If the volume control is based on the waveform instead of the shape of its envelope, you transform the effect into a “waveshaper”, which produces a great amount of distortion. It is possible to customize the channel, control numbers and range used for each parameter in the MIDI settings panel available from the main menu see the Plug-in Settings chapter for more details. Increased the default output data rate from 20 to 50 Hz for smoother side chaining and more precise spectrum display.

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Insert Blue Cat’s MB-5 Dynamix on the audio source track the audio track used as control signal for the side chain mono or stereo. The main difference is that the stereo version exposes the same value twice one of each channelexcept if not specified. All control widgets support the blue cats mb-5 dynamix keys note that some of them are caught by the host and thus never forwarded to the control.

Insert Blue Cat’s Gain plug-in on the destination track mono or stereo. This unique feature of the plug-in goes beyond traditional multiband dynamics processing and adds a lot of flexibility to the type of effects you can achieve. Multiband dynamics correction and modeling, mastering, loudness maximizing, dynamic equalization, de-essing, pop removal, multiband wave shaping, spectrum-based side chain effects.


This allows you to shape the incoming waveform and completely transform its sound: Maximum value of the Audio level over time at the input of the plug-in can be reset by “Min Reset” parameter changes vats both channels.

Click on the band number at the top to select the corresponding band. Setup the Blue Cat’s MB-5 Dynamix plug-in response curve and time constants to obtain the desired effect.

Wow, talk about a serious! Arguably the most impressive aspect of the MB-5 Dynamix is its ease of use.

Blue Cat’s MB-5 Dynamix – The All-in-One Multiband Dynamics Processor

To use this feature, click on the “enable” button: In this window you can change the settings for the current preset of the current instance of the plug-in only. Post Gain dB Output Gain after the brick wall limiter. The plug-in provides unique envelope detection capabilities that let one band trigger the dynamics response on others internal side-chain.

Bands Number of Bands. The user interface has been designed to streamline the workflow, and despite the wide range of functionalities offered by the plug-in, it is extremely easy to use. Buy Add to Cart. Choosing dynakix Skin There are blue cats mb-5 dynamix ways to select the skin of your plug-in: For more information about supported platforms, see our FAQ.

Default response no knee. The global skin used by default if no preset skin has blue cats mb-5 dynamix selected can be changed in the global settings pane.


Out Level dB Audio level at dybamix output of the plug-in. It’s not worth the time. In addition you can choose to activate or deactivate the entire dynamics processing chain for each channel. You can also set the release time to zero.

Blue Cat Audio Blue Cat’s MB-5 Dynamix

Tutorials Many Tutorials are available on our website. The up threshold and down threshold correspond to the upper part and lower part of the dynamics response curve. They will let you create custom interactions between channels that produce interesting stereo field effects. Bi Up Ratio Compression ratio for the upper part of the dynamics response curve.

Thanks again for choosing our solutions! It will install the software for all users on the machine. Especially with third party skins, the experience may be quite different from the one offered by the default skins that we provide.

Blue Cat’s MB-5 Dynamix is called a multi-band processor, blue cats mb-5 dynamix it splits the incoming signal into several frequency bands before processing them separately:.