Gounod Bach, Johann Sebastian. With Oben und Unten , the heartbreaking encores Weit Weit Weg and Heast As Nit , as well as the touching piano ballad Lebwohl an inspiring, at times phenomenal concert evening came to a close. Then a keyboard goes onto the rack, he plays the harmonica too, and even the clarinet, which, he explains, he played only grudgingly as a young boy in a brass band in his hometown. Styrian accordion in red not to be confused with the diatonic accordion in white , Jews’ harp, various guitars, keyboard, clarinet, cow bells and and and. Ave Maria Meditation on Prelude No. Weit weit weg Goisern Hubert von.

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Hubert von Goisern remains a rare original, someone who doesn’t profess to be, but rather is.

Brenna tuats guat

By the third song at the latest, the mood barometer climbs into the immeasurable. Brenna tuats guat It burns well is the motto of the current tour. Hubert von Goisern reduces himself to a class rock band lineup. You seldom see anything like that at a rock concert.

In mangn Brenna tuats guat wead a sogor ois Eafinda vom Oipmrock ogsegn. He answered the many sympathetic “aaahs” from the hall with “I’ve never been shown such understanding” and elicited deep and emotive sounds from the “Japanese plastic thing”. This mixture is unique and anything but well-behaved. Or another song with von Goisern’s favourite instrument, the accordion, from which he squeezes forth the most terribly strange beautiful melodies.

Brenna tuats guat – Goisern Hubert von | Sheet Music

But of course none of it compares to Goisern, at which Hubert Achleitner, as he thats really called, brenna tuats guat a song about his hometown. Guag March Potpourri Anonymus, Firing off ostensibly contradictory things one after the other without the listener feeling overtaxed is an art that the singer masters splendidly, because he tells the right stories too: The folk music, from which the year-old comes, now sounds only as an echo in one song or another. Do hod a Trumpetn gspuit.


That could befit Youtube.

Brenna Tuats Guat – No 6

It’s tkats lyrics too that cover fortune good and bad, saints and the devil. That’s the name of the tour on which alpine rocker Hubert von Goisern will play about 80 concerts in Germany, Austria and Switzerland. So to imply that Goisern is a musical revolutionary misses the point.

Unfortunately we can’t brennaa brenna tuats guat Internet Explorer less than version 9 for technical reasons. Hubert von Goisern shines in Frankfurt Alpine rocker, folk music rebel, Tom Waits in lederhosen – there are such passable worn labels that have been given to Hubert Achleitner. Songs sacredTheme: The litany of the saints help; Ttuats from the village of Goisern in the Salzkammergut brenna tuats guat especially taken with Saint Rita, the patron saint of every situation.

And that we’re stupid to burn wheat instead of eating it. And von Goisern proved how good this reduction has been for his music on Thursday at the completely sold out Posthof in Linz. Those who missed this exceptions musician can soon see him in a very fitting setting: Ugat cow bells are among the many instruments.


Dees spiaglt si a im Kontrast vo Quetschn und E-Klampfm, wo vo eam brenna tuats guat inszeniat wead. But Hubert von Goisern could replace a whole band all on his own, he swaps the accordion for the electric or acoustic guitar and a lap steel guitar, for which a frame was specially made so that he didn’t have to sit down to play it.

Another of those rare magic moments. All instruments are presented on one note line, why is that?

Hubert Von Goisern – Brenna Tuats Guat Lyrics | MetroLyrics

Even visitors dressed in traditional dirndls and Tyrolean costume clap, jump and brenna tuats guat along with every line. Detailed information can be found here. If you observe a similar phenomenon, re-download the affected Midifile The current album Entwederundoderwhich was presented in full in the sold out Tollhaus, is a highly concentrated, powerful matter with uniformly stage-suitable pieces.

He loses himself in an artistically woven game of overtones and musical effects and in a fantasy-rich shift of development and completion.

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