You need internet access on your PS3 Download the update files manually from your computer using a web-browser or a specific application. This homebrew should be only for ladies.. This XMB mod for Rebug 4. Thank you to psx-scene community and all people involved in making multiMAN always better. Let the game install the Game’s data and updates. It’s supported by most managers and Comgenie’s awesome file manager.

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Maybe a bad Net framework version, or the file is not compatible. Manaager simple interface will guide you trough. These games can’t be played for the moment.

Free Mobile Gaming – PS3 Comgenie’s Awesome Filemanager Software Download in System Utilities Tag

This is a simple Seismograph for ps3. Iris Manager fork including latest mamba from NzV. I often used the same one. You need internet access on your PS3 Use multiMAN to check if there’s an available update and select the one you want to aweeome. Are you associated with Sony, Google or the PlayStation brand?

NOTE for cobra users: Select whether to display the game posters when selecting a game in the XMMB games column. Rebug Toolbox Multi v Do you know which one use this file? My ps3 is a normally retail.


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This function is great to test how long the scan will take and can be interrupted at anytime without any problem, as no writing to the disk is being ade while in [TEST] mode. The original standalone ISO can be found here: Wait until the process is complete and the application will rename the game folder with a starting underscore “X: MW2’s titleid to allow it to be “hidden” while playing online.

Alternatively, advanced users can also install it manually by using the FTP or the file manager: To quit Showtime, select the exit icon on the top-right corner. Use R2 to increase move speed of cursor and windows.

Install it on your PS3. ShaolinAssassin Has done some cile work adding the other regions demos to Demo Downloader, This is really excellent because it was not something I planned to get back to for a long time if ever tbh. On your USB, create a new folder named games.

Awesome Filemanager by Comgenie

If you store your games on your computer and want to put them back, note that the path must be as follow: You don’t need to use the game manager. What’s new in 3. After that restart your PS3.


This feature is highly dependent on selective sync. Select yes to start the download. Mar 19, Downloads: When the copy or deletion process is done press to go back to multiMAN game layout. Install placeholder and activate the combenies file for classic via reactPSN 2.

Verify that your console have Internet access. The fix is downloadable awesomee this website and requires the GeoHot firmware patch. See the Split files chapter. This happens because the new patches are being distributed already signed for 4. The PS3 think the new path is a Blu-ray reader.