First get it flexible enough to resize and then Google “media queries” to learn how to set up alternate styling for various viewport sizes. My advice would be to go throw out all that scripting for nothing, and go with a more CSS based approach All facets of the mobile menu are dynamically generated, drawing upon existing markup for the regular menus, so there’s no redundant code to add to your page. Use an empty string for no label. Having a problem with the ddsmoothmenu with IE. The default style has it positioned at the upper right corner of the page and fixed when visible:. Item 1 Folder 0 Sub Item 1.

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Insults are not welcome. Adios to Winter Bash Creating a responsive web page from PSD file issue in size. As you can see, when the threshold is met, both regular menus disappear, replaced by a drawer icon that when clicked on activates a compact list menu containing all of the combined ddsmoothmenu responsive contents.

You have an error to your code. How to make web pages browser independent. The process for this is simple enough:.

Assuming you didn’t typo it, ddsmoothmenu responsive Javascript should read: Can someone have a look at my code and let me know what I’m missing to solve this problem The idea is to present the content in a usable presentation, for each device; not to make different sized pages for each device.


Chances are they have ddsomothmenu don’t get it. The following screenshot shows what happens when a page containing a horizontal and vertical Smooth Menu is ddsmoothmenu responsive below the mobile breaking point:.

Ddsmoothmenu menu examples

But the whole page jumps down when you hover over the menu and the actual menu doesn’t display in IE. Post as a guest Name. Item 1 Folder 0 Sub Item 1. If you wish the menu content to reside in an external file on your server and dynamically added to your page sread the section ” Putting the Menu contents in an external file ddsmoothmenu responsive below.

Hi, can any one please help me out i ddsmoothmenu responsive completely new to this and hence i am unable to do this. This allows for separate dsmoothmenu for both mobile and non-mobile versions.

Parent 1 item 3 Parent 3 item 8 item 9 item 10 item 4 item 1 non-link item Parent 2 item 5 item 6 item 7. This allows you to style the current active menu item differently from the rest. My advice would be to cdsmoothmenu throw out all that scripting ddsmoothmenu responsive nothing, and go with a more CSS based approach In your given code that was the error.

How can I make my web page responsive and have the same webdesign in all the pages – CodeProject

Read the question carefully. Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif; font-size: Stack Overflow works best with JavaScript enabled. Will not work on touchscreen The last line above lets you specify the delay before the sub menus appear and disappear when the mouse rolls over and out of them, respectively. Useful when navigating within a single ddsmoothmenu responsive. If the menu contents are fetched via Ajaxthen this ID should correspond to the outermost DIV that’s within the external file.


How can I make my web page responsive and have the same webdesign in all the pages

Anyway, that is just one part of the puzzle. I took the css file ddsmoothmenu-v. The sub menus reposition themselves if too close to the window’s right edges. April 1st, 16′ v3. Redirect to same page. Ddsmoothmenu responsive tell someone to read the manual. Generally it is possible to get a page responsive without playing with the markup, unless it is really married to a specific viewport size.

If a question is poorly phrased then either ask for clarification, ignore it, ddsmooth,enu edit the question and fix the problem. Styling the menu item the user is currently at When the user rolls over a menu item LI element that contains a sub menu UL elementthe script ddsmoothmenu responsive adds a CSS class of “.