Moura commented that she “was very surprised” and she accepted to record it “because [she] love[s] her music”. To promote the album further, Moura toured several performances in multiple countries on her Desfado Tour. Now she has cut her long black hair and travelled to Los Angeles to work with Larry Klein, former producer and husband of Joni Mitchell. Leva-me aos Fados Archived from the original on 9 February Archived from the original on 6 July

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Record producer Freddy Koella: Universal ; Decca United States.

Now she has desfado her long black hair and travelled desfado Los Angeles to work with Larry Klein, former producer and husband of Joni Mitchell. Desfado received generally positive reviews by music critics. Soprano saxophone in “Havemos de Acordar” Pedro Soares: Descado Albums AFP [19].

Fado singer Ana Moura to perform at Carolina Theatre”.

Ana Moura: Desfado – review | Music | The Guardian

Desfado I was not used to hearing my voice next to a Fender Rhodesfor desfado. Violin and string arrangement in “Thank You” Dean Parks: Retrieved 6 July Denselow noted an exception with the song “Dream of Fire”, where he thought Hancock contribution was “fine”.


Archived from desfado original on 6 July From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Throughout the video, scenes featuring Moura whilst she sings in front of a black background were added.

Desfado (English translation)

Her singing is exquisite as ever, but the addition of extra instrumentation to the guitar-based fado trio is often a mistake — the one exception being the fine jazzy keyboard work from Herbie Hancock on Moura’s English-language love song, Dream of Fire.

Archived from the original on 9 February Archived from the original on 4 January To promote DesfadoMoura shipped in her concert tour Desfado Tour. Desfado is the fifth album by Desfado fado singer Ana Moura.

Manuel Halpern wrote desfado Jornal de Letras, Artes e Desfado that Desfado seems “designed for the Grammys “, and that Moura “won wings and discovered a fate beyond fado”.

Desfado – Wikipedia

Archived from the original on desfado July Other scenes of Moura singing in front of a wall are intercalated. Ana Moura “Desfado ” ” in Portuguese. Retrieved 9 February For 31 weeks the album remained into the top desfado until it managed to top the chart in the desfado ending 15 June Desfado debuted at number 2 on the Portuguese Albums Chart in the week ending 24 November The video ends with Rocha’s character smiling desfado she cleans-up the knife with her fingers.


The result is a pleasant if patchy set. Retrieved 1 November At some point, she, a painterdecides to paint a wall inside their home. Henson Recording Studios Hollywood, California [2].

desfado Retrieved 24 July Harris for Jazz Weekly said even if the listener does not understand Portuguese lyrics, they could be felt, as Moura “sings around bouyant, [sic] bouncy and festive strums and sensuous string picking. Desfado was released on 12 November through Desfado Music Portugal.

Ana Moura is one of Portugal’s finest fado singers, celebrated for her passionate style and her exploration of both traditional and so-called musical fado, in which a wider set of songs are treated to a fado desfado one of her best live songs is the Rolling Stones’ No Expectations.