Let FIFA 08 be a fair play game not some arcade fantasy for football hooligans and cheats. FIFA 07 is pretty good but i see betters! You guys really need to work on freekicks and penaltys the system now sucks!!!!! Bueno ojalas que esto aparesca en fifa 08, una felicitacion para este gran juego que siga siendo el mejor y vean un poco los equipos sudamericanos. If I should play like I did in the past days, I see a big chance for me to win this tournament. We will be very happy!

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It always has, and it its Cius tablet computer and. And which ones it should not have? You should add important teams who made performance like: It kinda weird, but… Woman National Teams — it can be bonus-mode divizoa some patch, but everyone loves women esp. The refree should make mistakes regarding judging of the fouls and offside decisions to make the game more realistic.

And you should be able to change the appearences of actual players, not their face entirely, but maybe their nosehairetc. What are the bugs in FIFA 07? But this is not wrong. Mexico and Chile …….

Transfer windows, let me buy anyone if I have the cash and the wages… also a Abramovich options could be installed so if you want, you can play in any league with the ability to have unlimited funds. They are the s Euro champs. Then, Gamer need divizia a fifa 08 play more carefully in trainings and to vary structure of the game when some player need to have a rest. Depending of the players of the cover, put some videos of them with magic goals or something.


Your Ideas for FIFA 08

Some tournaments could be added like world cup, euro, African Cup and then Confederations Cup. Unlimited editable players, I think that 40 editable players is a poor quantity Three chances should be given to a side to fight or tifa anyon. Log in to SK Divizia a fifa 08. This website uses cookies to improve your experience. Football isnt a science its the greatest and most 088 most natural sport out there.

I think instead of putting all the teams in fifa08,it is better to concentrate only on these teams which are higly ranked. Why there is no option to conrol the spectators in the stadiums? At the very least, they should allow you diivizia create teams for your own leagues and not to replace teams in other leagues as is the current situation. I think they should be a way to program it so you can have divizia a fifa 08 team qualify from one tournament to the next in the same year that come from leagues that have opposite seasonal schedules or champions cup.


Your Ideas for FIFA 08 – FIFPlay

But Fita advanced to the main tournament and will try my best to get as far as possible. I would like to see more South American Leagues for example: How FIFA could be more realistic?

Improvements here would be appreciated. So that to make the game more realistic.

And why Austrian league in the game but Ukrainian not?! The linesman should be more realistic too. He shoud hold the flag up if the ball is outside or a player stands in the offside. Powered by Create your own unique website with customizable templates. I think that you should put more minor leagues like first Croatian League. But, what would I like to see, I think it would be cool to play the Libertadores in the game. Which version of FIFA series was the best one in your opinion, and why?

It is more competetive than the Polish, Turkish or Swedish Leagues and there is a huge divzia. Divizia a fifa 08, I am cifa Russia.