Protocol traces from each test can optionally be captured automatically with the protocol analyzer, providing for quick and in-depth analysis of test results. USB Explorer 5G. The hardware is economically optimized to perform analysis, active emulation of port traffic, and automated compliance testing. The Analyzer records all traffic and gives realtime performance and compliance information. Performance characterization is provided by specialized hardware that is optimized to stress receiver buffer management, credit logic, and application software. Examiner is not only useful at the end of the development cycle, but from the beginning to the end for ensuring non-regressions with new improvements.

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Click the image to expand it. This software controls a generator ellisys usb explorer an optional analyzer to automatically verify the compliance of devices against the USB specification and classes specifications such as HID and Mass Storage.

The hardware is economically optimized to perform analysis, active emulation of port traffic, and automated compliance testing. The USB Explorer Generator is ideal for testing corner cases, error recovery protocols, link power state transitions, and link training issues. The available configurations are shown in this document.

Ellisys – USB Explorer – USB and PD Protocol Test Platform

Every aspect of working with Ellisys has been excellent. Each Ellisys USB Explorer hardware unit is capable of acting as either a protocol analyzer or packet generator, depending on the configuration.

Devoted to these technologies, Ellisys is known to push markets toward success with innovative products and solutions.


Download Purchase Contact About Jobs. The generator injects programmed errors on the link while the analyzer non-intrusively records any traffic exchanged between the host and the device. USB Explorer 5G. The Ellisys USB Explorer Duo is a highly flexible bundle of two full-featured units that can be used as one analyzer and one generator, two analyzers, ellisys usb explorer ussb generators, depending on the needs of the user.

Download Purchase Contact About Jobs.

Both brown and green packets are flagged because low-level errors have been detected. The Ellisys USB Explorer Analyzer includes extensive protocol analysis features, ellisys usb explorer real-time monitoring and live upload of captured traffic, detailed decoding of standard and class requests, trigger, filter, and search functions, and comprehensive statistical analyses.

Ellisys usb explorer analysis is accomplished non-intrusively, using next-generation hardware capture technology, including the use of adaptive equalization and precision impedance matching. The Generator emulates the automated protocol processes of the USB host, while allowing the user full control over these processes, including arbitrary packet and error generation.

We have chosen Ellisys and I’m happy with that. Reproducible traffic, timing and error scenarios can be created with a powerful scripting environment.

The available pages are the followings:. Download Purchase Contact About Jobs. The two lines represent the upstream top and downstream bottom links. The USB Explorer builds on a successful legacy of Ellisys USB analyzer and generator products, and delivers a superior design efficiency that includes an embedded 4GB of memory, configuration-flexible hardware, and a custom-made processor with the power needed to test and analyze the USB 3.


Ellisys USB analyzers comparison chart

The Generator supports the industry’s first Inline Error Injection feature to insert programmed errors between a host and device to determine the impact of transmission errors under rare conditions. The same setup is used at compliance workshops, making it the perfect tool for pre-compliance testing. A script emulating Mass Storage traffic is open. We can clearly see which symbol is erroneous. New analysis features designed specifically for USB SuperSpeed have been ellisys usb explorer to provide the user with a comprehensive analysis solution ideal for any Ellisys usb explorer design effort.

The hazards of signal retiming are eliminated. The next screenshot is more zoomed-in and we can distinguish packets and ordered sets.

Ellisys USB Explorer Professional Edition ($3,) : Saelig Online Store

This screenshot shows a full overview of the Mas Storage traffic in the Instant Timing view. The analyzer records all traffic and gives real-time traffic information. Captured ellisys usb explorer can be replayed to test a particular situation.

In analyzer mode, the El,isys EX supports the capture of CC traffic and tracks as well CC and Vconn voltage, to ease debugging of attachments and detachments. USB Explorer 5G.