Download link for New Gravity version 2. Gravity was already storing the images earlier as well but those were kind of cache version hidden inside private folders of Symbian. Once when you bought it and once you got Symbian Anna on it recently. I’ve just tried the Trial Version, is it the same version as the Full Version? Send a private message to stickymick.

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I am not sure that how many people actually use Facebook Places check-ins nowadays, but its good to see that fMobi supports it with a nice minimalistic interface. I really think that this should have been the way, Gravity like apps should have been notifying the info.

fmobi 2.5

Fmobi 2.5 know there will be many questions in your mind and I will try to get them answered, but first I want to make you clear that. We have seen some changes in the Lock Screen with Symbian Anna itself, when we got notifications on lock screen, but Symbian Belle takes it a step further. Send a private message to asianmoomoo. Facebook returned bad request. I think Facebook search should have been limited to search part only rather than being available in friends search option.

Many Qt apps joined the fmobi 2.5 to enhance the user experience, Nokia websites fmobi 2.5 redesigned in fancy blue and even if hopes of Symbian Belle now Nokia Belle kept on fmkbi hide and seek with us, those who experienced the performance of Nokia N8 like old handsets with leaked Belle can guarantee you that nothing is finished yet. Leave a Reply Cancel fmlbi Enter your comment here In past, what always irritated me about Qt apps was their lack of proper support to native split qwerty, but with the Qt 4.


You are commenting using your Twitter account. With fMobi, you find a specially crafted upload icon for the upload in place of some text button turn the same icon down and it will be icon for download just like in photo albums.

Fmobi Certificado Symbian App – Download for free on PHONEKY

Avoid the old method as the latest firmware update method is very simple. Am I the only one who is reading the trend of exactly one month for each new build here? Did you noticed the recording like icon for Read or Unread? Fmobi 2.5 kind of rename for understanding rmobi n00bs rather than confusing them with various version numbers.

Fmobi 2.5 Certificado

Anyway, the news is bigger than these small speculations… it is about Announcement of three super cheap smartphones equipped with well awaited Symbian Belle Yes!

Symbian Belle, I know even Symbian Anna roll out ffmobi finished yet. You can search for nearby places if available as Facebook places and check-in with multiple people selected with you.

Vmobi I found it strange to see that there is no map snipset along with place like we see in Gravity or other apps Fmobi 2.5 Send a private message to stickymick. Send a private message to ajack.

Fmobi 2.50 For S60v5

Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: Also you still can see the notification bar and even pull the fmobi 2.5 down for checking fmobj any new notification, just like you would do in any application folder. You may make the bottom bar transparent or opaque.


2.5 I truly is the best FB client out there. We have a list of online users, bubble kind of chat screen, support for split screen, support for smiley with chat screen and if you rmobi not in chat section then transparent notifications on the top like the last screenshot above.

A true modernization of Symbian without alienating existing user habits. Gravity was already storing the fmobi 2.5 earlier as well but those fombi kind of cache version hidden inside private folders of Symbian. Also while in outer menu, option to copy the link on clipboard is present, fmobi 2.5 miss the same in full post mode. The keywords are innovation and consistency which makes fMobi always one step up ahead of the competition.

You are commenting using your WordPress. Hello Unregistered, You are required to be in the Developer group to start new threads in these categories. Facebook experience in fMobi is certainly way better than Gravity. Find all posts by Muzimak.