A strong read to discover the light of Islam! How to encounter misunderstandings, or outright hostility. Far from religion and spirituality, Kristiane Backer was in a world of her own – the entertainment, music and pop video industry, which in turn became a means to discovering herself. I have long been interested in world religions, and in conversion I have myself been a convert in my middle years, though not to Islam. She wrote everything, from her glory MTV days, to her conversion and how is she doing today. Although I have never actually watched any shows with Kristiane, her name still rings a bell with me.

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I feel the writing could have been finely tuned a little and had it have been I would have a bit more of an insight into a European Muslim woman’s life, as I’m not a Muslim or revert myself, that would have been interesting and helpful for me.

From MTV to Mecca: How Islam Inspired My Life

While writing extensively about Khan’s fervent devotion to Islam Backer never addresses what strikes me as an elephant in the room: Its colours can blind us all. What amazed me more was the author decided to convert to Islam after being dumped by the righteous Imran Khan claiming that one frlm his spiritual advisors mecda warned him against marrying the author!

A career which had seen her interview and socialise with many leading names from the world of music, still kristizne that inner happiness. Nov 11, Namal Siddiqui rated it it was amazing.

But somehow more important stuff always got in between… Now I have finally managed to read it. May 09, Anam Zahra rated it really liked it Shelves: A journey of the soul. Come, our vonvent is not a place Come again. However I find a problem with her way of thinking and I don’t agree with her ways ktistiane looking at things.


One thing to learn from her, or from all reverts is that Islam does not change who you are. Published September 1st by Arcadia From mtv to mecca kristiane backer first published April 1st How to deal with friends and family. Out raged by the from mtv to mecca kristiane backer that I wrot a long review only to be prompted that an error happened and my review was not possible to be saved. We furthermore, need to learn that Islam is no more a religion of only ‘pious’ and ‘rightious’ exclusively.

Loved reading every page of this book. Jul 17, Steffi Busch rated it mcca it Shelves: So, to get the sight back, faith is required. This was quite interesting, but became boring after a while — it mtvv mainly name-dropping.

Kristiane Backer

On the other hand, when young MTV seems like a great line of work, almost as great as Islamic ambassadorship in your middle age, doesn’t it? We were from mtv to mecca kristiane backer into muslim families so we beleive that we know what Islam is but after reading this book i realised what Islam actually is.

He embraced Islam inand changed his name to Yusuf, the Arabic for Joseph. Aku tidak tahu apakah aku benar-benar membacanya secara keseluruhan atau tidak. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. What surprised me about her story was the setback of her two marriages failing. She describes holidays to Muslim countries galore — she travels around the world, a short trip with friend so and so here, a longer stay in country XY there… but who can normally do this??


On her writing This book is literally her biography for the last 15 years, which is something that I wasn’t expecting before buying it.

From MTV to Mecca: How Islam Inspired My Life by Kristiane Backer

Kristiane Verena Backer [1] December [1] in Hamburg is a German television presenter, television journalist and author residing in London. When you convert to another religion, there are many problems to be faced.

For me it was a simple case of exploitation using Bqcker to justify large scale misogyny in Pakistan. The love life of cricket superstar Imran Khan”. I was really interested in what led her to Islam and made frrom decide to leave such a completely different way of life.

Though faced by many challenges, her strong faith gave her the inner peace she had always sought. But as the converts may realise, over time and practice, Kristiane was able to overcome any temptations and more so, it increased her thirst for knowledge. To view it, click here.

I am not a Muslim nor planning to become one, or planning to join any religion, so I didn’t read it for personal reasons.