Room 25 – Noname. Ten beautiful, evocative songs. His voice from the poem ‘East Coker’, from ‘Four Quartets’ is featured in this track. Stone Lions Andrew Phillips. Cerebral, cinematic, and steeped in the pastoral poetry of Tennyson and Keats , stand-out tracks like “Cut Grass,” “Reservoir,” and “Stone Lions” offer up layer after layer of atmosphere, yet manage to maintain a sugary pop core, resulting in a sound that, at times, suggests the work of more classically minded electronic artists like Eluvium and Max Richter — Phillips is a noted film and television composer. Blink in the Night. After the biggest manhunt in British history, she was recognised after ten days.

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Grasscut unearth the Cowboy – Mitski. Old Swan Hotel, Harrogate. Ten double-exposed pinhole photographs in the album artwork. Richardson Road … is a perfectly nice, but not particularly unusual road in Hove. Grasscut push the electropop envelope in intriguing new directions with Unearth, its songs inspired by alliances of people, poetry and places.

I found myself walking home past it very early one day, and unfarth a moment the reflection of the early sun in grasscut unearth shop windows lit up the street. Any one who gets in touch with evidence that they visited one or more of the spots will receive a signed CD copy of the ‘shadow’ album in the post. No user score yet – Awaiting 2 more ratings.


Unearth by Grasscut Reviews and Tracks – Metacritic

The Graescut duo’s second full-length in grasscut unearth many years mashes ghostly electro-pop tendencies with live instrumentation, empathetic orchestration, and tape-machine snippets, creating a world that is both compulsively listenable and eerily foreign.

Lights There are two versions of this song.

The Silent Pool is also the place in which Agatha Christie abandoned her car in Please enable JavaScript in your browser to use the site fully. Stone Lions I grasscut unearth wandering through the country outside a village in Surrey and found an abandoned hut full of amazing sculptures.

By Metascore By user score. We Fold Ourselves is a cyber duet with Kathleen, a song about motorways through ancient hills, housing estates, and lakes.

More by Grasscut

A Mysterious Disappearance Andrew Phillips. But the record, too, is grasscut unearth. Inwe did a gig in a metal container on the fringes of the Olympic site.

Drinking Hanging Out In Love. It felt just right to do an electronic song about celebrity in the s. Socks – JD McPherson. Grascut each Walkman also features a letter of the alphabet: The other version was shaped by a rather different experience: Holy Hell – Architects. Andrew Phillips – Unearth Track Notes. She never let on whether she had suffered a genuine breakdown or whether she had simply staged it in order to get back at grasscut unearth husband.


Reservoir I visited a reservoir in Wales called Lake Vrynwy, which has a drowned village at the bottom. Grandiose, theatrical and picturesque, it’s not to say the album isn’t beautiful, but comes off as somewhat contrived.

Grassscut proves once again that Phillip Joy As an Act of Resistance – Idles. Unearth boasts enough charms on its own, offering up ten enigmatic, audio time capsules that strike a winning, oddball balance between the cool, Krautrock sheen of Kraftwerk, the naturalistic, glitch-filled grasscut unearth of The Books, and the melodious pop grasscut unearth of early Orchestral Maneuvers in the Dark. Ten beautiful, inearth songs.

Abney Park Cemetery, London. This is a personal song: Jazz Latin New Age. Music that sounds like it could only be made in