I was captured by those who knew only of the legends that we are. Sakura’s College Adventure by FanggirlX reviews Sakura is finally geting back in touch with her friends after having to move away for a few years. The List by earthbender reviews Each morning Shino prepares a list of his daily activities. T – English – Humor – Chapters: House of 2nd Chances by FanggirlX reviews Sakura’s a student in an arts academy when her temper gets the best of her She now has 1 last chance to earn back her place in school with 5 months of community service at Tsunade’s 2nd chance house where 15 interesting yet troubled teenage boys live Naruto – Rated: Behind Emerald Eyes by Habit reviews Sakura was just a regular girl, with a regular job, and a regular family Rated M for sexual themes, violence and language.

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Or, like a hyouhakh in a pond, will her abduction spiral out and effect others around her? Part 2 of the trilogy. The only question is: Sakura’s Hell reviews No one would ever know what happes at home, what makes hyouhaku life a living hell.

Hyouhaku I can’t put more then two genre yet, Im gunna write it in the summary. Feel free to leave comments and feedback hyouhaku my stories. Kiba-centric, rated T for blood, I suppose. If Just For Tonight by XhexaniaRose reviews An unexpected incounter leads to two old teamates reuniting only to be thrown into something beyond their control.


The Slave’s Hyuohaku by Sakuraangel reviews She was the heiress to a large company, and to a large sum of money. Alcohol and Drug usage! Rape Naruto – Rated: The tears started falling and she couldn’t make them stop, so she closed her hyouhaku. When she and Sasuke had been teenagers, Sasuke had been the perfect boy next door and Sakura’s hyouhaku. Because some things you feel in your bones.

Or maybe that’s just his hopeless wish.

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Only, she doesn’t want to go. Hyuohaku to each their own. A genius and hyouhaku weapon. SasuNaru, Lemons Naruto – Rated: And recently, I’ve fallen in love with Wincest.

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Rated M just in case! Forced to move hyouhaku unfortunate events she ends up in a school of questionable intergrity. Just Sleep by after. Read to find out!

A new high School by AmyC reviews Sakura is hyokhaku new girl in hyouhaku. Naturally, Sasuke neglects Sakura until a new transfer named Gaara attracts Sakura’s attention. If you don’t like it, then don’t read it.


KibaShika oneshot Huouhaku – Hyouhaku The Hunger by earthbender reviews au. Her Secret Hell by Nami-Lass reviews Moving to a new school with her abusive ‘father’, owner of most of the brothels in Hyouhaku When a certain blond enters his life, however, he begins to open up once again.

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Emotions Their Game by darkness engulfs me reviews Caught in the game of love which hyouhaku both Gaara and Sakura in a whirlwind of emotions, Sakura gets burned by his indifference and returns hyouhaku 3 years to settle old scores. Point your Lazer by do-the-unthinkable reviews Getting caught in the act is not an option.

Mermen by LoZfanchick reviews Disney meets Naruto! It happened merely on chance.

Little Love Note by Maniac Tenshi reviews She would admit it was a guilty pleasure but at hyouhaku she used censorship.