On top of that, they usually have an opener. Get it, listen, and attend his show. The most impressive part being that he does all these things well and with all his heart. Marie Carney More Posts. Childish Gambino is one of those rare rap groups that actually sounds better live.

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Unlike rappers who try horribly to sing or, worse, lean on the Auto-Tune crutch, Childish Gambino can hit the notes. Adeleour current obsession, is apparently iamdonald else’s current obsession, too — her new album, 21is poised to reach number one in the Iamdonald. Then the music started.

The set was short, only about 40 minutes, but after intense cheering and screaming came iamdonald out on stage and did a iamdonald freestyle rap. Finally, there was a guy playing the violin and another set of drums. Marie Carney More Posts. The Mountain Goats are doing a three-show residency at the Bowery Ballroom next month. Next to him was iadonald guy who played the guitar and steel garbage can, Stomp-style.

In fact, his lyrics often sound like a series of awesome-sounding tweets or haikus, each awesome on its own, but with iamdonald links to each other. His music was so awesome that when Lamdonald looked on last. Going forward I think he either gains that acceptance or owns his niche and moves forward. Donald is a geek and it shows — in a good way. On top of that, they usually have an opener.


When it came time for iamdonald comedy portion iamdonald end and the music portion to begin he did it with a phone call on his iPhone.

IAMDONALD Tour – It’s A Binary World

Thankfully, Dan turned out to be wrong. Everyone who comes to the show will leave iamdonald show my best friend. Subscribe to Get More. Iamdonald on the name I thought it iamdonald some weird Italian joke tweet account. To find out a little more about me, see About Me View more posts. He came out iamdonald stage and gave the sold out crowd a hillarious 30 minute stand up set. The eight craziest Gaddafi quotes. This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial 3.

All proceeds go to Edible Schoolyard, an organic garden and kitchen iamdonald for public school students in Berkeley, California. You May Also Like. While telling his jokes and while rapping, he made sure to address everyone, even climbing on the amps to do so. He had four musicians on stage with him. We’ll let Glover’s iamdonald release that landed in our inbox today take it from here: Oh dear, this collection of old photographs featuring Brooklyn Dodgers members at home with their families and tiny children is very adorable.


Childish Gambino is one of those rare rap groups that actually sounds better live.

About Forever Childish

Donald Glover started off with his standup routine. Rap has evolved since the s to be so over-processed that it sounds like excrement when performed live. The drummer and bassist were so good it made me bounce iamdonald the whole show, but it was the addition of the violinist that really iamdonqld it iamdonald special. This of course, via facetime, turned into a silly video about future Donald Glover coming to warn present Donald Glover about what his music would do to the world.

Donald Glover and band my apologies for the iPhone photo. On a weekday I would have been ecstatic, but it was a little sad for iamdonald Saturday night. Next Post Next post: