Well, aside from the few typical Iced Earth songs, most of the actual songs simply sound like the soft part of a ballad played for five entire minutes! However, much of what made Iced Earth so good is lost on this record. And these are great if you sit with the booklet in your hand, and listens to the album from track 1 to Empyreal , November 13th, Owens received a lot of criticism from fans and critics for his performance on the previous ‘The glorious burden’, but while he lacks his predecessor’s range there is no doubt that he is a real talent, and his performance here is a possible career-best. So, individually there are a few stand-outs, indeed.

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This album has a very different feel from their previous works. One thing I found particularly interesting about this one is that it feels like a closer and an intro simultaneously, and I believe Schaffer meant for it to feel that way.

Expanding on that, Tim’s singing is another thing bad about most of the slow tracks, but it’s because of the nature of the songs: As for the rest, there are no real stinkers here, the other tunes are painfully boring though.

Something that many people instantly point out about the album is the tracklist. OakenHelmJanuary 9th, The iced earth framing armageddon of world instruments gave the music a bit of diversity from the previous efforts, and really makes it stand out.

One thing that armageddin out frsming this album is that nearly every chorus demands audience participation.


Framing Armageddon – Iced Earth

In short, Iced Earth lacks the ied talent and creativity for progressive metal. But for those who end up fans of ‘Framing armageddon’, Part 2 ewrth certainly to be looked forward to. Quit lying to yourself you fucking nerds, it’s a comic book. But then again, Blind Guardian are godly and Iced Earth aren’t. The interludes are randomly thrown in all over the damn place.

I tried very hard to get accustomed with this LP.

Before the invasion, the Setians see in a prophecy that this is going to happen. However, there are certainly no stand-out dull tracks on the album. Let the man fucking sing. It’s quite a pleasure to hear all the fast and speedy armmageddon on here despite not being that abundant. The last thing of controversy on this album is the story. Schaffer has never written anything this brutal and probably never will. Unfortunately, as expected, he reigned in those influences for just a very small part of the album, and left the lion’s share iced earth framing armageddon the same old midpaced, chugging, boring riffs that we’ve grown to know and loathe over the past 10 years of the band’s history.

The bass work and leads are great as well, and Brent Smedley does a great job as a drummer on this record. The furious riffing and drumming that beholds itself in Infiltrate and Assimilate will surely have you headbanging and singing along like you iced earth framing armageddon be with a catchy chorus like that. To qrmageddon up, Framing Armageddon is a worthy album to my collection, it falls short of expectations most fans had, but while I think Iced Earth can do no wrong they certainly can do better.


It’s been almost 10 years now since Iced Earth mainman Jon Schaffer introduced the sarth wicked’ concept and its anti-hero Set Abominae, and the time has finally come for him to tell the full epic story over 2 CDs, the first of which is ‘Framing armageddon’.

Iced Earth

I would look up the story online, but the music should narrate effectively. FlamosFebruary 5th, It sounds odd, awkard, forced. Let me just say this has to be the best Iced Earth album I’ve ever heard. There are a few tracks that got potential and good ideas and could be also good songs iced earth framing armageddon they are only barely average I mean here ‘Retribution Through the Ages’, ‘Motivation of Man’, parts from ‘Something Wicked Part 1 ‘ and ‘The Domino Decree’.

There are indeed very good moments here, but this album is just too long to ever digest it all. Alive in Farming Live in Ancient Kourion.

The album comes to an incredible conclusion, from the incredible screams of Owens on the title track note: Retrieved from ” https: There is no desire to skip any tracks on this album, certainly none that I’ve felt. Man, does it suck.