The test arrangement shall be noted in the test report. Identification of conductors shall be in agreement with the wiring diagrams and drawings, and the specification of the user, if applicable. If they are required for gradient distribution, they shall remain in position for the test. The second objective is to limit the fire impact, if fire or ignition occurs inside the enclosure. This implies that a means of entry, suitable for the application stated by the manufacturer, should be selected. The average of the r.

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Auxiliary switches, iec 60694 are operated in conjunction with the main contacts, shall be positively iec 60694 in both directions. NOTE 2 For low-voltage auxiliary and control equipment, no special precautions need to be taken if the altitude is lower than 2 m. Table 10 iec 60694 Power-frequency test conditions for longitudinal insulation Test condition 1 2 3 Voltages applied to A and a B and b C and c Earth connected to BCbcF ACacF ABabF Test conditions 3 may be omitted if the arrangement of the outer poles is symmetrical with respect to the centre pole and the frame.

The thermometers or thermocouples irc be protected against air currents and undue influence of heat. Where a component may need adjustment during its service life, easy access iwc be considered without danger of electrical shock.

Environmental issues of high voltage transmission lines in urban and rural areas. Suitable precautions insulation, service conditions essential for maintain the required minimum low-voltage switches, meters, specifications. When the alternative method is used to test the isolating distance of metal-enclosed gasinsulated switching device with a rated voltage of 60964 than 72,5 kV and of conventional switching device of any rated voltage, the voltage to earth of the frame U f need not be fixed so accurately and the frame ic even lec insulated.

The magnitude of induced voltages in a secondary system depends both on the secondary iec 60694 itself and on conditions such as the earthing and rated voltage of the main circuit. To reduce the probability of occurrence of these discharges in gas-filled equipment, the pressure of the already-tested parts may be increased after passing their tests. Contactors and motorstarters — Section 2: If maximum closing and opening times are stated by the manufacturer, these shall not be exceeded.



Guide for application of IEC 62271-100 and IEC 60694. Part I

The case, tank, frame and other normally earthed parts shall be connected to earth. Such characteristics and their symbols are: General examination, electrical continuity and contact resistance tests, iec 60694 06694 and voltage stress tests IEC Other methods are permitted only if it is impracticable to use the resistance method.

Login Password Password forgotten Create 06694 iec 60694 Ice may download free of charge all publications including most recent ones Non Members may download free of charge publications over three years old and purchase all publications. The surface temperature of a component immersed in a liquid dielectric shall be measured only by thermocouples attached to the surface of this component. For particular applications, different values may be specified to the manufacturer in accordance with clause 9 of the relevant equipment standard.

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Identification of conductors shall be in agreement 60964 the wiring diagrams and drawings, and the specification of the user, if applicable. Connections shall be made at fixed terminals. If the creepage distances do not comply with the requirements of 5.

If measuring impedances different from those specified in 606994 publications are used, they shall be not more than ? NOTE 3 If only the protection against access to hazardous parts is concerned, the additional letter is used and the first numeral is replaced by an X. Requirements for any contacts of manual control switches ied are made available to the user are contained iec 60694 5. Point 8 Point 9 Point 10 Special consideration should be given when low flash-point oil is used in regard to vaporization and oxidation.

The impulse voltage peak value shall be 5 kV. NOTE Where switchgear and controlgear incorporates voltage-limiting devices which cannot be separated from the switchgear and controlgear, then the complete equipment should be tested in accordance with annex F. The protected area shall, however, be negligible compared with the cooling area of the apparatus under test; b good heat conductivity between the thermometer or thermocouple and the iec 60694 of the part under test shall be ensured; c when bulb thermometers are employed in places where there is any varying magnetic field, it is recommended to use alcohol thermometers in preference to mercury thermometers, as the latter are more liable to be influenced under these conditions.


This identification iec 60694 be limited to the ends of the conductors. The term “excluded” implies that solid foreign objects will not enter fully the enclosure and that a part of the body or an object held by a person, either will not enter the enclosure or, if it enters, that adequate clearance will be maintained and no hazardous moving part will be touched. iec 60694

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Openings in cable entries, cover plates, etc. It is not normally removed after the equipment is put in service 3.

It shall not be possible for the moving contacts to move from the open position unless the charge is sufficient for satisfactory completion of the closing operation. The definitions of IEC are not repeated but reference is made to their specific sub-clause number.

NOTE 1 Eic to the absence of oxygen, a harmonization of the limits of temperature for different contact and connection parts in the case of SF 6 iec 60694 appears appropriate. These limits do not apply where receivers also store compressed gas for interruption.