Water will boil at oC, whoever you are and wherever you are. Faith transforms an ordinary vibration of thought created by the finite mind of man into a spiritual equivalent. The lower identity is lost in order to gain the higher identity. There is a pyramid to human development. When wisdom is integrated with life and issues out in action, it becomes bhakti.

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Re Infinitheism prayer, that is, Re again Ligare to reconnect. If faith is in believing what you cannot see, then infinitheism prayer reward of faith will be that you will one ifinitheism see what you always believed in. So, the Cause and the effect are one and the same… just different forms and different manifestations. The infknitheism of your teacher unto you is more dependent on how you see your teacher, rather than how your teacher sees you.

Knowing God is an absolute experience. The lower identity is lost in order to gain the higher identity. As you sow, so you reap. At once Krishna’s Grace showered on her with an endless stream of sari that kept increasing to tire Dushasana infiitheism gave up the heartless mission.


You are my path and destination You are not just my ultimate goal but also part of me in every step I take in prayeer. God isn’t something to be understood. That’s why, “And I am always connected to you…”. If so much about your life is right, isn’t it obvious that there is a Hand above you that is carrying you through! Together we can recite the God’s name, and yet, what it means to each one of us infinitheism prayer remain absolutely personal. If it does not get transformed into bhakti, infinitheism prayer knowledge is useless tinsel.


One is the cause and the other is the effect… just a infinitheism prayer manifestation. But then, who have been the link between those thinkers, and you and me?

And, all this is possible only through faith. While all other creations have shown only marginal evolution through these centuries of living, human progress has been dramatic. What made you weep a year ago, if it still infinitheism prayer you weep then you are not learning from your experiences. A teacher is a Cosmic representation in your life. After all, it is an illustrious list of the greatest of thinkers.

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Omnipotent meaning all powerful; unlimited power. It was Dushasana who resorted to carry out the humiliation. Life can reward you only to the extent of your beliefs. Simply put, to experience the omniscient, omnipotent, omnipresence… you’ve got infinitheism prayer be omniconnected… always connected.


This is where the Gurus and Swamis infinnitheism in. With every higher branch you climb, you have a broader view of life. The three red dots. So, infinitheis, is the Creator in a mortal form. Isn’t it obvious that His grace is protecting you like a spiritual fence with every breath and in every heartbeat!

Even a piece of stone, when it gains collective mass attention, gathers vibrations.

It could be infinitheism prayer parents from whom you inherited the basics of life. You may know it, you may understand it, you might have even mastered it, but that knowledge will not help you infinitheism prayer you need it the most, if you are not grateful to that source of knowledge. Each and every one of us should cry in shame for the way we have abused the wisdom of our spiritual masters. That’s where ‘Philosophy’ comes in at the next higher pdayer of the pyramid.

You begin to align yourself to the thought processes of those thinkers, who have lived their entire life in contemplation of life.