This truth, which arises from the relative magnitude of the heavenly bodies, or rather their apparent size as seen from the earth, is not affected by the fact that from the standpoint of natural science many of the stars far surpass both sun and moon in magnitude. English Choose a language for shopping. Most of the objections to the historical character of our account, which have been founded upon the work of the fourth day, rest upon a misconception of the proper point of view from which it should be studied. Stellhorn Synodical Conference of North America. In carrying out His word, God created Genesis 1: Kindle Edition Verified Purchase. And let them be for lights in the firmament of the heaven to give light upon the earth:

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If we look merely at the form of this document, its place at the beginning of the book of Genesis is sufficient to warrant the expectation that it will give us history, and not fiction, or human speculation. Or would Omnipotence require more time for the creation of the moon, the planets, and the sun, or of Orion, Sirius, the Pleiades, and other heavenly bodies whose magnitude has not yet been ascertained, than for the creation of the earth itself?

But the Bible actually mentions two events of the primeval age, whose effect upon the form of the earth and the animal and vegetable world no natural science can explain. Top Reviews Most recent Top Reviews. Again, as even in the present order of nature the excessive increase of the vegetable kingdom is restrained, not merely by the graminivorous animals, but also by the death of the plants themselves through the exhaustion of their vital powers; so the wisdom of the Creator could easily have set bounds to the excessive increase of the animal world, without requiring the help of huntsmen keil and delitzsch commentary beasts of prey, since many animals even now lose their lives by natural means, without being slain by men or eaten by beasts of prey.

Franz Delitzsch

And God said, Behold, I have given you every herb bearing keil and delitzsch commentary, which is upon the face of all the earth, and every tree, in the which is the fruit of a tree yielding seed; to you it shall be for meat. What God revealed to them upon this subject, they transmitted to their children and descendants, delitzsc with everything of significance and worth that they had experienced and discovered for themselves.


The fact that but one human being was keil and delitzsch commentary at first, by no means warrants the conclusion that the animals were created singly also; for the unity of the human race has a very different signification from that of the so-called animal species.

With this the legends of the heathen world respecting the golden age of the past, and its return at the kei of time, also correspond cf. It is only deoitzsch species that can be shown to differ, either entirely or in the vast majority of cases, from species in existence now.

Overview – Keil and Delitzsch Commentary on the Old Testament

ComiXology Thousands of Digital Comics. Not one of these can be regarded as an established truth, or as the unanimously accepted result of geognosis.

Amazon Drive Cloud storage from Amazon. The transposition is copied from Genesis 1: The “seas” include the rivers which flow into the ocean, and the lakes which are as it were “detached fragments” of the ocean, though they are not specially mentioned here. And God said, Let the earth bring forth grass, the herb yielding seed, and the fruit tree yielding fruit after his kind, whose seed is in itself, upon the earth: The former are regarded keil and delitzsch commentary proofs of successive formation; and from the difference between the plants and animals found in a fossil state and those in existence now, the conclusion is drawn, that their creation must have preceded the present formation, which either accompanied or was closed by the advent of man.

He regarded the development of German theological science as a passing phase of error. On the third, after the sea and land are separated, the plants are formed; on the sixth, the animals of the dry land and man.

Biblical Commentary Old Testament. Keil and Delitzsch.6 vols.complete.Clark’sFTL.1864.1892.

But the earth was not formed from the waters beneath; on the contrary, these waters were merely spread upon the earth and then gathered together into one place, and this place is called Sea. The real reason is rather this, that the creation proceeds throughout from keil and delitzsch commentary lower to the higher; and in this ascending scale the fishes occupy to a great extent a lower place in the animal economy commenatry birds, and both water animals and birds a lower place than land animals, more especially the mammalia.

And God created great whales, and every living creature that moveth, which the waters brought forth abundantly, after their kind, and every winged fowl after anv kind: This Old Testament commentary set is the best that has ever been published.


The word of God then went forth to the primary material of the world, now filled with creative powers of vitality, to call into being, out of the germs of organization and life which it contained, and in the order pre-ordained by His wisdom, those creatures of the world, which proclaim, as they live and move, the glory of their Creator Psalm 8: By the heating of the earth and sea there arose winds, clouds and rain, lightning and thunder, the roaring of which wakened up sensitive beings, so that living creatures of both sexes moved in the waters and upon keil and delitzsch commentary earth.

Commentary on the Old Testament in Ten Volumes.

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Nicholas Church in central Leipzig, with the name “Franz Julius”. Even the frequently expressed opinion, that in the different forms of plants and animals keil and delitzsch commentary the successive rocks there is a gradual and to a certain extent progressive development of the animal and vegetable world, has not commanded universal acceptance. The work of creation does not fall, as Herder and others maintain, into two triads deliitzsch days, with the work of the keiil answering to that of the first.

In the fall, the necessity is shown for the interposition of God to rescue the fallen.

All that is related of the primeval age, from Adam to Noah, is the history of the fall; the mode of life, and longevity of the two families which descended from the two sons of Adam; and the universal spread of sinful corruption in consequence keil and delitzsch commentary the intermarriage of these two families, who differed so essentially in their relation to God 2: Within the different groups themselves the arrangement adopted is this: The account of paradise exhibits the primary relation of man to God and his position in the world.

Write a customer review. And through these operations of God upon dleitzsch world in theophanies, or revelations by word and deed, the historical development of the human race became a history of the plan of salvation. His mother’s name was Susanna Rosina.