The odd glitch in the program can be irritating, but customer support has been able to provide work-arounds. This software doesn’t take anything for granted. I use Keycreator on a daily basis for many different kinds of projects and it has never failed me. I have seen many benefits from keycreator and one that really comes to mind is the translators built in. I have been able to take work from many different customers using many different CAD programs.

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CadKey – KeyCreator Functionality. I also like the fact that it comes with translators built in, enough of them so that I have never had an issue importing files from my customers.


The Dynamic move and face handles are awesome and are used constantly in my work. I usually figure out a work around and keep working. I see transition errors with some of the assembly cad files.

I have used KeyCreator to design ceeator, prints, and assemblies for just about any idustry you can think of, as well as for a fast calculator, a translation software, and have been able to exploit just about every aspect of creatkr capabilities of this software.

The help system is always behind the new versions Overall: Packaging and Containers, employees. Place a part and move it instantly, you dont have to search through an endless feature list, to find a kubotek key creator sketch to modify.


KeyCreator – Wikipedia

With a few exceptions each version has been a great tool for me. There are a few very powerful kubogek in Keycreator which I use constantly one kubotek key creator box move the other being dimension driven editing these two features save me a lot of time in the kind of design work I do.

Complete Control and Fast! Importing solid models kuboek sheet metal unfolding Cons: Keycreator great package, reasonable price. It works well for what we need to do here.

So even the bad things about this software are a testament to how good it is! No other program has come close to providing the power, function and ease of use.

We use cad for differentiating engineering changes between old and new CAD models, KeyCreator does the perfect job on that part. User kubotek key creator over 20 years! I have issues with imported files, maybe not KeyCreator’s problem. My least favorite part is when a new edition is keey, and all of the icons have been changed and its like starting over with lesson plans and handouts.

Kubotek Review based on the past 3 revisions.

For instance, a bridge is not more than a huge mechanical part. I receive files from my clients who use a wide variety of CAD programs and Kubotek key creator seldom have issues with translation. Its a great tool, but got to be harder to teach. I am a part time consultant, using the program infrequently. The Old menu driven system was a great system for teaching.


Great customer service when I have problems using my maintenance agreement. Mechanical or Industrial Engineering, Self-employed.

Keycreator has been my go to software for Tool and Die design for over 25 Years. If I want to edit something I just edit it!

KeyCreator Machinist – Kubotek – PDF Catalogs | Technical Documentation | Brochure

Freeform modeling with rceator constraints of a history tree are a designers dream. We use it for 2D drawing and 3D projections, as well as output for CAM programs primarily waterjet and laser and it works very well for us.

Icon driven systems can become a video game where kubotek key creator can make all kinds of neat objects without understanding the geometry behind them. Key Creator – Simply Powerful. User friendly – anyone can learn easily.

Even when a new feature is introduced, if the bugs aren’t worked out there is always some work around that you can figure out!