Which was reasonable and acceptable in the period of time. I loved Christian’s two friends and how they were willing to do anything to protect him. Even doing up a button was next to impossible at times for him. Kinsale writes very well but I felt the weight. We are not told what had really happened until much later, but these first rough scenes view spoiler [ in an awful harsh asylum world hide spoiler ] really shaked me. That is part of the reason they are my favorites.

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He can do complicated mathematics, but he can’t do a simple one.

The Book I’ll Never Reread: Laura Kinsale’s FLOWERS FROM THE STORM

But, fortunately for Christian and Maddy, they got their happily ever after. I have not read romantic fiction for many years and flowera realize you need very good author to give you an outstanding story.

kinasle I just wish there was a movie. Oh my God, did you actually do that less than a year ago? Im from Argentina, sory my english!!! For most of the book he was constantly battling being reincarcerated, bankruptcy, his relatives and trying to convey his love for the heroine.

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Who would imagine that a stroke victim would be one of the best alpha heroes out there? Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: This story must get to cinema. Laura, This book has been and continues to be one of my favorite and beloved books.


I think it just takes growing older to realize the meaning of many things about people we knew as childen.

Flowers From The Storm || Books || Laura Kinsale

She might not have been very satisfied with that life. Did you remember you wrote something so absurdly romantic, intelligent and touching?

The story, so exquisitely rendered, is replete with beauty, honesty and a depth seldom found in any genre. Thank you and glad you enjoy the book.

Desert Isle Keeper

There are for sure a lot of heart stopping moments and I cried, yelled and lost my breath more than once. OMG I love making finds like this book!

He actually said a prayer. I love the old aunt, fiesty thing that she is. The odd tidbit of original inspiration for Flowers came from a great-aunt of mine. Thank you because your story touched my heart, not in a mushy way but in a very human one. Very happy that you enjoyed the book! As different as chalk and cheese. If I had asked for an explicit refutation of that power imbalance, this would not have been more perfect. Laura Kinsale has been added to this list.


Flowers From The Storm wasn’t the sort of ‘likable’ romance.

Flowers from the Storm: Laura Kinsale

I am an avid reader, once I get into a book I am quite worthless otherwise. I am rereading it and am enjoying the bits of humor here and there. If you asked me if I want more from her, obviously yes! It Would Live Up to the Hype – and thus every romance I read after it would be seem like utter garbage in comparison, preventing me from enjoying another romance novel ever again.

View all 23 comments. If I could name the two elements I love most in great romance, and what I loved most in this romance, they would be Laura kinsale flowers from the storm and Drama – both external and internal. Maddy, half-bewildered, half-laughing, caught at kittens as they stkrm and whimpered and fell. She needed to be with him if she was going to have a fulfilled life. Comments closed due to spam.