Smith wasn’t very good at envisioning future technology, but he comes up with some fun ideas. The warfare leads to some odd corners of the universe and some stranger worlds. Like a soap opera, you can miss stretches of this reading and still be on track with this slow moving story. These soldiers are the best of the best, with incredible skill, stealth, and drive. Kick back and enjoy the great ride!! No, he’s terrible 4 of 4 people found this review helpful. Gray Lensman Lensman Series By:

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First Lensman Audiobook | E. E. ‘Doc’ Smith |

Picks up a little Originally published as a serial the story has been added to when published in book form. Gray Lensman Lensman Series By: No, he’s terrible 4 of 4 people found this review helpful. It spent whole chapters on characters just brainstorming lensman audiobook I grew up with SiFi in the ” s. audipbook

Alone in his single-handed battle, he finds that the appalling destructiveness of a loose atomic vortex can be canceled out only by destroying the vortex itself. It just kept going as I hoped for the end. A vast quantity of the lensman audiobook school” sci-fi genre as well. The enemy spacefleet arrowed toward the armored mountain-nerve center of the Galactic Patrol. From the atomic age in Atlantis to a world remote in space and time, two incredible lensman audiobook races, the Arisians and the Eddorians, are in the midst of an interstellar war – with Earth as the prize.


Craig Alanson Narrated by: However, this is the most annoying narration I have ever heard.

Refer to Number of the Beast and his autobiographical work. A classic series of class Sci Fi books ruined by poor narration and interpretation. You have to be lensman audiobook real diehard lensmen fan to slug through Triplanetary. What members say Average Customer Ratings Overall. Babylon 5 ” the early days” 4 stars. Mark Nelson reads this lensman audiobook no other reader could!

I give this audio book three stars because the story is good. I know you must’ve. Pure escapism at its s best slow start but a wonderful listen in the s style of sci-fi. Kimball Kinnison and the Galactic Patrol again take up battle with Boskonia. Humanity has a chance. The Earth is doomed. In the seedy starport of Ackabar, a young girl searches the crime-ridden gutters to avenge her father’s murder; not far away, a double-dealing legionniare-turned-smuggler hunts an epic payday; and somewhere along the outer galaxy, a mysterious bounty hunter lies in wait.

First Lensman

I’m not sure that the first half of the novel is necessary but at least we are warned of this in a preamble. These tales were inserted into the novel following the serialized release, along with chapters covering members of the Kinnison line in World Wars One, Two and Three. After the sixth hour a bit more of a plot starts to develop, but I’m still not sure if I would rate this novel as highly as master works like Asiwov’s Foundation series.


First Lensman Lensman Series By: Phil Chenevert Meta Coordinator: The Galactic Patrol’s Lensmen are the most feared peacekeepers in the galaxy.

Brilliantly lensman audiobook and an lensman audiobook narrative. From the time of Rome to World War II, the author takes the listener on a lightning-fast journey through Earth’s history as the warzone for aliens.

Patrolman Conway Costigan and his friends engage in a space battle with Gray Roger the pirate gangster. First Lensman Lensman Series By: