Thanksgiving is pretty fucked. It has engulfed each and every one of our lives. Song Meaning I recently saw these guys and Jason gave a small talk on certain points in his life which has impacted on him majorly and i believe that in this song he is talking about the time when he caught his mother in bed with another man. Song Meaning From Jason on this song: This is how we will become better humans. Writing a new record where we can see the evolution of letlive.

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While the let,ive slows and builds throughout, so do the vocals. Comments Leave a Comment Categories Uncategorized. I hope the song lends itself to other people and experiences.

Notify me of new comments via email. Part One Part Two. Now this song keeps with the previously defined sound of the band, as well as brings in more of letlive muther whispered vocals. I cannot wait for love If it comes as fast as he did.

LetLive – Muther – Rolling Music Reviews

You are commenting using your Facebook account. So stay home In bed alone All because of you, all because of you, Letlive muther I can’t stand it. The album is called Fake History. User does not exist. My parents were pretty letliev driven as well as ass holes at times. The bouncer fights were probably the tip of the iceberg.


Why do you feel strongly about that? I’m sure there’s more to the song but that’s all I’ve got. The lack of consistency. I find it very cathartic. I think just Los Angeles.

One of the most talked about bands tarnished with the post-hardcore brush in the letlive muther year has to be letlive. A lot of people are talking about your live shows. Shall I cancel it then? Follow Blog via Email Enter your email address to follow this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email. Create a free website or blog at WordPress.

LetLive – Muther

We have been granted opportunities and experiences beyond anything we could have This site uses cookies. He said, “Wait, she’s with me So send that other man walking With his two left feet” Now I hate my love And now the other man’s floating in the dead leglive sea And he’s letlive muther face-down, ’cause he’s a dead man, see?

My first love is hip hop, soul and R n b so I definitely took my opportunity to put a moment in the record where I pay homage to someone that literally shaped me going from ashy to classy. Something where if we were to letlive muther it would cause further injury. Home Forum Contact About. So are the lyrics on Fake History predominantly fictional or based on true story? Before I walked off though I would definitely try to mend the situation.


Letlive – Muther Lyrics | SongMeanings

Join 24 other followers. There are a lot of religious references on the album and many young people like the band so do you think they may be influenced by your letlive muther I never really mean it. Mother, you know I’m sorry, But sorry’s pregnant with remorse And when remorse is born, remorse won’t see An ounce of child support.

I muuther that in order for letlive muther to enjoy people there needs to be some sort of altruistic vibe and people should take care of people and not choke them or pull them lletlive from something. There is no end all or absolute.