Both feature a helmet with an upside-down triangle in the middle, flanked by two raised portion, a chestplate and matching arm bracers, and long hair. I’ve actually balanced it so that, Lan can curse, but it won’t be nearly as frequent, while being more spaced out. But hey, that’s what happens when you arrive late to the party. Zeta has some surface similarities with Zero ‘s design from the Mega Man Zero series. Zeta’s symbol looks similar to a black weight that is balancing on one of its ends, on a red background. Talk about getting crap past the radar. He says nothing and jacks out, and isn’t seen again until Lan goes to help Archer set up his computer during the move in.

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Fixing bugs with new code meant you can’t use the old code’s save, so yeah, casualty of improving, I guess. Chrono X Official Website. Archer Stelar Original Counterpart: Group Player of the Week:.

MMBN Chrono X – 02 – Cyber Planet by Michael Staple | Free Listening on SoundCloud

Because this was planned to be the final, the save system in itself cannot auto-update to demo4 for chorno reasons. I’ve thoroughly enjoyed reading your review of our game.

A lot of what you have mentioned has already been fixed, or something that is valid and is open to be re-thought out later when we’re not prioritizing other tasks. But if you do, note these changes: DSH90 Nov 14, We had originally intended demo3 to be the final demo before release.


We’re open to the idea of adding more variety to that beginning segment — especially me, provided we properly balance the rest of the game first before deciding exactly what virus should be there. My theory of why BN4 and 5’s story sucked was that the story writer was already done with the series at BN3 he even said so in an interviewbut due to corporate decisions, he had to write a story for more games.

We intend for the dungeons to be evil, since once you complete them, mmbn chrono x it, they’re just extra areas to gain chips. Zeta’s design, as well as the surname of his operator, are also inspired by Mega Man from the Mega Man Mmbn chrono x Force series.

Zeta has some surface similarities with Zero ‘s design from the Mega Man Zero series.

Click on the link below and then Like the page to get a free serial key for the game: If you run across any bugs, do report them in the appropriate thread located mmbn chrono x Made by Team MegaDudes. Hey guys, the grammer in the demo could use a little polishing up, other than that guys great work.

I’ll personally send you a link to demo4 which will contain chapters 1 and 2that is, if you still wish to interrupt your series’ LP once more. Talk about getting crap past the radar. Zeta first appears after the Raven fight, deleting him after he extracts a strange dark power from MegaMan.


Or are you from the future looking back at your misstakes? Most seem to get mmbn chrono x notion that because it mmbn chrono x involve a certain plot point, the plot may suffer.

Zeta is in the middle-right. Just bear in mind that a good story does not stem from the idea, so much as its execution. FailsTiraga Nov 15, 3: He first appears by himself after defeating Raven in Chapter 1, where he delivers a crippling blow after Raven steals a dark power from MegaMan. I read, and consider your advice, just know this. Plus, we weighed “Raven” VS. You’ll see one swear from Lan in that chapter. We felt anymore than that would be too much of a spoiler into the final game.

Oooh, a cx Highlander team, you say? Well, that’s a bit from my end.

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As such, anything perceived in a sucky game is — more often than not — going to receive the notion that it sucks. It’s also worth noting that the virus formations are a bit mnbn varied in demo4. I do agree with the cursing, but only in the sense that it’s overused in that chapter.