Ammayappan comes to Chennai to take Arunachalam back with him to the village and is surprised to see the wedding arrangements with Vedhavalli waiting for him. Brewster’s Millions play Zip Goes a Million musical. Log in to watch more. Senthil Kumar handled the cinematography. The song “Nagumo” had two versions, Hariharan’s version was included in soundtrack only, while another version with the vocals of Krishnaraj was included in the film only. Arunachalam is broken and hurt by the insult of Sr. The film was later dubbed and released in Telugu under the same name.

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The film opened in April to positive reviews from film critics and went on to win three Tamil Nadu State Film Awardsincluding an award for Best Film.

Nagumo Song Lyrics

Furthermore, collections would also be shared between the family of Sathya Studio Padmanabhan, actress Pandari Baiactor V.

Next he buys jey prize lotteries, which also gets him to win ample amounts of money, He then produces a movie with his friend Arivazhagan, hoping it will fail commercially. Arunachalam is broken and hurt by the insult of Sr.

Retrieved from ” https: Instructions to verify your updated email address have been sent Thank you! Available on the Appstore. Vedhachalam speaks about how he married Arunachalam’s mother Meenakshi against his father’s wish, how natumo got lost in a cruise accident and was misunderstood to be dead and how his mother committed suicide broken by her husband’s nagumo hey sugamo.


He meets Vedhavalli one day and goes to her home only to get insulted by Vedhavalli’s father. He also mentioned Rajinikanth is the one who called Sundar C. Arunachalam finds that his younger brother is trying to ditch his lover and he comes to her rescue.

He is well known for his simplicity, honesty and helping tendency. Sing and be part of nagumo hey sugamo Smule community! Arunachalam comes to Chennai and befriends Kathavarayan Janagaraja beeda seller who gives him a job.

Arunachalam and Rangachari’s colleagues Kalaiperumal V.

Arunachalam Songs Nagumo Eh Sugamo – video dailymotion

An unexpected error has been encountered. You’ve reached the daily limit of 10 videos. He ordered a search at the shooting spot at midnight nagumo hey sugamo with the help of the giant lights used for shooting, he later found the divine bead after a while.

Arunachalam invests the money in a horse race, which is a way to lose money easily in minutes. As he knew Rajini would not change the story for working with Sundar, but he would nagumo hey sugamo the director. Click this button to skip to the next video. Log in with Facebook. The Director Sundar C. Nandhini and Arunchalam explain to Rangachari about the evil doings of the quartet.

Meanwhile, the media gets to know about the happenings and it is telecasted across the state. On the last day of handover, during the final minutes, Nagummo friend comes to him with Rs. Jey series nagumo hey sugamo struggles and fights, Arunachalam hands them over to police. Watch artist interviews here. Want to watch more videos for this song? Arunachalam enters the meeting room and Rangachari is shocked to see Arunachalam.


Arunachalam is shocked now, as MP post and the party are both assets as per the challenge. Rangachari explains that Arunachalam was lost when he was so young and he recognised him with the name mentioned by his father and resemblance of his father Vedhachalam.

During a meeting, Katavaraayan’s speech makes people angry at him and Arunachalam declares that he is apologising to them for nominating a wrong person and asks them sigamo to vote for him. She discloses the truth that he has no right over anything he possesses except the rudrakshawhich he is wearing nagimo his neck as he is an orphan nagumo hey sugamo was found in Arunachaleshwarar Temple in Thiruvannamalai and taken from his mother during her last breath, who also named him Arunachalam.

He inquires what his name is, to which Arunachalam replies.