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outzone arcade game

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Several special bonuses are available as different colored ” SP ” icons. Description As a one-man army, your task is simple: Disqus Comments Facebook Comments.

Out Zone is an online retro game which you can play for free here at playretrogames. More great gaming from this fantastic system can be found in the Coin Op Arcade section of the site. Each weapon is useful in certain situations, and you will often have to switch based on the configuration of enemies.

The all-direction laser fires in whatever direction you’re moving, and creates a sweep of bullets as you change direction. You need to log in to add this game to your faves.

Two special weapons can really change the face of the game:. My Dolphin Show 8. Be sure to sign up to use this feature.


If you’re looking to try other greats from this intense genre then try your hand at DiabloDuke Nukem – Time to Kill and the inter galactically cool Star Gladiator – Episode 1 – Final Crusade! The game is now in your favorites! This game is currently blocked due to the new privacy regulation and www.

You can use one of two main weapons, and switch between them by picking up ” C ” icons. This page was last edited on 5 Aprilat As a vertical-scrolling run and gun, the player fights enemies on foot, moving upward through the stage.

Play Out Zone online Coin Op Arcade

After dying, you reappear at an earlier point in the level. At the end of each level a boss must be defeated before the outzoone can progress any further.

outzone arcade game

Oops, something went wrong. It has been played times and is available for the following systems: Taking place in the yearmankind is invaded by an alien race and it is up to cyborg soldiers controlled by the player to destroy the invasion force. Set in the futuristic year of where a horrible alien races is attempting to invade and conquer Earth, the only defence humans have are cyborg soldiers that can hunt and kill the alien invaders.


Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. Since forward movement is not automatic, the game imposes a time limit in the form of an energy bar that slowly drains as time goes on. In desperate situations, you have a supply of bombs, used by pressing the Bomb button.

Just a few more seconds before your game starts! The energy bar does not represent health, as touching one enemy or bullet will immediately cost you one life. This game only works on your computer.

If the bar empties completely, you lose a life.

Out Zone – Videogame by Toaplan

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outzone arcade game

Retrieved from ” https: It fires rapidly, so you only need to hold down the Fire button.