Haha But I will try it whwn i have a good internet connection. Ever since Clannad’s Kickstarter success, Key’s been taking more interest in making English versions. Hope that solves the problem. But I’m sure that even if that happened, a patch would make it out to the internet anyway, so I probably have nothing to worry about. October 22, at 8:

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March 8, at May 7, at 5: June 27, at 4: I harest this problem too installed it and patched it nit clicking the shortcut does nothing no error no crash nothing I was even watching the task manager process list to see if the siglusengine. Yes, I tried restarting my computer. Remember SubaHibi or Ley Line? I recommend doing all 5 regardless.

How to use spoiler tags: I think the easiest way to explain is, you just doing things like in this link http: Guys, I have installed the English patch and tried all 3 SiglusEngines, but the game is still in Japanese. June 11, at 6: Somehow, unlike the previous Key’s game opening, this lacks so many things.


Rewrite Harvest festa!

I really hope so because Rewrite is my favorite of Key’s rewrite harvest festa english patch, even if I did have to read it by watching a playthrough and I want to have the chance to throw my money at them for a copy. March 25, at 1: Anyone have a solution to solve this problem? January rearite, at August 24, at I gotta say not festaa moving as Little Busters was but still an awesome game.

February 9, at February 2, at 4: According to vnb it has no sexual content. January 27, at 3: I Mean, even though i downloaded the VN file a loooong time pacth, I can still apply the English patch to that one right? Register a new account. January 2, at 9: March 15, at 2: February 18, at 8: Anyway, when official word comes out of the TL group, I’m sure we’ll be all over it.

Translation of Rewrite Harvest festa has begun!

Whilst I can still play the game, I have to go through a roundabout method to do so. That is precisely Five-hundred and thirty One days ago, counting Today.


January 27, at 6: The one really caught my mind is that swimsuit CG. February 4, at Although, I heard KEY having bad patdh for h-scenes.

March 18, at January 31, at 4: