Hilly 10 Sep This update includes a new VCI software version. This relatively simple strategy allows a great deal of flexibility when it comes to creating better fuel maps for modified engines. Last edited by Retrop; at Quote message in reply? Super Tuner Pro software and cables.

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SEPST software update failure. Anyone who is familiar with tuning carburetors will feel comfortable tuning the TFI.

I was sitin here talking like Speedy Gonzalas to myself.!!!!! All good tips as I was also looking at getting the Eagle Super Tuner, cheers. Its not the greatest smoothing function but it helps. There are many ways to alter the fuel curve of your EFI system. Went to the issetup file and I don’t seem to have dotnetfx35, but I do have dotnetfx Find all posts by mjwebb.

Smart Tuner Software

Pro Street and Pro Super Tuner model updates. Last edited by Reddobe1; at Hilly 08 Sep Posted By clubbie on 10 Sep Do-it-yourself DIY upgrades There is always a group of riders that want the least expensive way to increase the performance of their vehicles.


After I had my bike tuned the dealer gave me the VCI unit only nothing else. When your upgrades are working properly, they require more fuel.

New Screaming Eagle Pro Street Tuner software

There are a couple of differences between this and my previous version The OEM fuel map is never changed. That being said, I am having a hell of a time figuring out what the new rev limit should be set to or is ok to set it to. Ultimate Seats Factory Find all posts by dixonk. YOu need to purchase the attachment cables and the training DVD separately.

Mungo 05 Sep By understanding how EFI works, there are a few ways that you could alter the fuel mapping. sceramin

Smart Tuner Software | Harley Davidson Forums

It wont matter if the softwares not available anymore, buy the as it contains all previous models maps back 10 years or so. These packages tend to be very complex.

I just guessed mine, and it seems that my guess of was correct! This system is not commonly seen in Australia. The simplicity of the TFI is also a disadvantage. Multiple sets of injectors can be controlled to compensate for situations where a lot of extra fuel is required.


This unit is subject to vibration and weather and is prone to failure.

New Screaming Eagle Pro Street Tuner software – Harley Davidson Forums

Any incite would be appreciated. This is the only viable upgrade if you are building a race engine or an above average street engine. The next ECM update for M8 bikes. I think I need a science degree to work one.

Companies We Can Recommended! The downside to this software is the level of sophistication the user needs in order to take full advantage of all its capabilities.