You not only granted him his wish but also liberated him from all desires. You are the only saviour protector of this Universe You are the only one to look after the whole Universe. Breaking, the spell of evil spirits cast on a brave Brahmins son you saved revived him. You are the saviour of those who seek your protection and shelter. Seva 3 January views.

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What is Mantra and why we chant the mantra 3 January views.

Dutt Bavani Lyrics and Meaning, Gujarati Lyrics English Translation

Death rituals the month of Bhadrapad and Shraddha 3 January views. You have in your hand the bag, feeding the whole Universe and a peace giving water-pot adores your hand. Like [ 1 ]. Achievements will be servant like at his command and he will be able to get rid of babani, misery and scarcities. Who can aptly describe and narate them all?

This is an expression of experience and deep satisfaction. You undoubtedly restored to life the dead husband of a brahmin lady in Gangapur. In material appearance externally you are a good master with two hands and a pleasant and charming face. Nowhere any griefs remain for him and he has not to worry about nor djtt he face any sorrow or miseries. According to him, GOD can be worshipped in different forms, may be known by different navani at different places by different people.


Did you like this website or this article. Please arise else I shree dutt bavani breathing my last.

You yourself are that Lord Supreme. We are non profit website, Please help keep 14Gaam online. He, shree dutt bavani formless is the eternal one in several diversified forms. Run to my aid, O! Naam Jap – Nam Jap 4 January views. He strongly believed in the existence of one GOD. Benefits of Shankh Conch Sound 28 Jul views. Remebering you evil spirits and witch craft, Black magic cannot harm or affect human beings and they can attain eternal bliss or moksha. Vedic Puja – Hindu Rituals 3 Jun views.

Dutt Bavani Lyrics and Meaning, Gujarati Lyrics English Translation

Arti 4 January views. You relieved a Brahmin of his abdominal colic i. One who recites Datta Baavanii with love and devotion fifytwo times on fiftytwo consecutive Thursdays as well as when one is free and regularly as a daily ritual, he will never be punished by Yama.


Instant gracious, compassionate and merciful Lord, saviour in this kaliyuga, you shree dutt bavani shrew illerate and backward washerman. Do not see my end Do not destroy this child halfway!!

Exceptional – Can’t read it? Pleased with just Lima Beans vhalore meal, you lovingly bestowed upon the family a pot full of golden treasure.

Hare Krishna: Shri Datt Bavani – on single page

A Brahmin businessman named Vallabhesh srhee killed by dacoits while he was on his way to Kuravapur for brahmins group feast. Hanuman Chalisha in Hindi 4 Shree dutt bavani views. Surely you have countless arms. You revived a piece of dead wood which started bearing green leaves. You liberated the Brahmin Vishnusharma and seeking his love and devotion, havani at his obsequies offerings. Swami Maharaj saved one of his two sons born later.

Pranam 4 January views. Mandir Ritual 4 January views.