Tobias Solem – February 11, That “mixology”-example was pretty bad, oversoftened – prefer the original, sharper. Official Rules This giveaway is international, so everybody is welcome to enter. It took me several days to concentrate and come back to the videos and watched each one. The way that SLR Lounge has named their presets is straight-forward, easy to understand and is so user-friendly that you won’t be able to use other presets due to the frustration that their naming cause. I am dying to know how to accomplish that very first image in the video of the couple with all of the dynamic geometric lovliness. Each tutorial video ranges from 5 to 10 minutes long.

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Looks like I know what I’m doing: In your situation, you can simply purchase the physical DVD option, which is not much more than the digital download option. It’s so good that I can’t bring myself to ruin the organized workflow that is now my preset sidebar by adding other presets other than my own user-made mixologies that Pye teaches you to create in the systemm.

The Lightroom 4 Preset System comes with over develop presets, 27 brush slr lounge lr4 preset system, 28 mixologies and 44 high definition tutorials that teach you how to use the presets to their potential.

Win One Of Three Awesome Lightroom 4 Presets System Sets by SLR Lounge

After downloading the files off of their server 7. High Contrast Black and White. I will be going over everything that’s included in the system at the time of this review.

It’s entirely possible that the opinions are unbiased but viewing from the outside it makes me inherently distrust both sites for product reviews. Understanding exactly what you did to arrive at a specific result is totally crucial to learning this trade and makes you more skilled and efficient as you go along. I have a hard time trusting the opinions of either cross-site review because you seem to work so closely together on other things.


While most preset “packs” are easily recreated. It actually adds extra value to your purchase which is fantastic.

The beauty of LR is the tools are remarkably predictable to the point that it doesn’t take very long to know how each one is going to perform.

About the Preset System I love it.

William Collins Graham Marley – February 12, I’m slr lounge lr4 preset system pro, but if I need a “look” and I dont have time to fiddle with it for an hour, i’ll gladly fork over the hundred bucks to save me time and frustration.

That’s really odd, I could swear the images were reversed when I wrote that. It took me several days to concentrate and come back to the videos and watched each one. There are two versions of this standard import, one with a ‘profile correction’ PC that fixes any distortion from your lens and one without.

The system is created to easily build your own go-to mixologies. Additionally, the blacks are lifted by zeroing out Blacks and Shadows. This is a step-by-step tutorial that will show you how to take a portrait and create to create a high contrast black and white portrait, as well as a film-like black and white portrait.

How to Create a Black & White High-Contrast and Filmic Image in Lightroom 4

I find this invaluable because as a commercial photographer I tend to over-analyze the technical side of photography. I found that there were certain brushes that I leaned more towards than others.

I believe it is better to educate the buyers in writing or at the beginning of the demo video to make sure to watch at least the core tutorials in order to fully benefit from the presets. With a 30GB monthly allowance, downloading 7gigs worth of data will eat into my internet balance. It really is the best preset system out there.


Fstoppers Reviews: The Lightroom 4 Preset System By SLR Lounge

He rarely stammers and doesn’t pause very often pounge is great for clarity, but can also be a downside because he tends to speak so fast that I find myself going back and rewinding the tutorial to hear what I may have missed. Either way, we all agree that the product will be critiqued slr lounge lr4 preset system as any other product review, and if the product isn’t good, we don’t support it no matter who created it.

The contest will run till end of day Monday Dec. I blow through 30 gigs in a couple days. Your Tone Curve should look similar to this:. This system took years of experience and months to develop with hundreds of users involved in the process.

This system saves you money and precious time that could be spent elsewhere. We do this by applying the 82 Advanced Dust Correction Curve temporarily. I’m using Preseh and when I click on the buy-link it pops up with slr lounge lr4 preset system message which says that the website contains malware and I can’t access prwset site. Is there a problem with the link? Let me start systrm by saying that I have dabbled with Lightroom presets before, and while I was easily amused by the effects that each would create I would quickly become frustrated with how they would clutter up my Lightroom preset sidebar.