If you get any album to that many listens, it deserves 5 stars. The nice Beyond Illumination sees the lovely Hannah Stobart contributing. Along with the praise, however, Jones also stated in regard to the song Omega Point , ” The distorted voice gets a bit on the reviewer’s nerves, but your mileage may, of course, vary. I just had to write a review for this album!

sound of contact dimensionaut

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sound of contact dimensionaut

Retrieved 1 June I’m ready to review this album. The distorted dimenaionaut gets a bit on the reviewer’s nerves, but your mileage may, of course, vary. All of these elements speak right to me: Dimensionaut is a musical journey.

sound of contact dimensionaut

Dimensionauy have converted the weight of an album with lots of keyboards on it into pure listening enjoyment. Its plot follows an alienated, unnamed human who is tired of humanity and embraces his fate as a traveller of dimensionstime and galaxiescapable of existing in multiple dimensions, upon the arrival of the “Cosmic Distance Ladder.

Pale Blue Dot is not straightforward, it has its edges and sudden turns.

The need exists to highlight once again Simon’s clinical drumming, easily on par with his dad and that is saying a lot. He has been very involved with the environment, planets and dimensions. It all seems very fresh, rocky with sophisticated arrangements. Retrieved from ” https: And then it stylistically siund into some art rock sentiment a la Steven Wilson’s solo works. The combination is awesome.


Genesis News Com [it]: Sound Of Contact – Dimensionaut – Album review

Some of the album’s lyrics were written during this phase of Dimensionaut’ s development. Retrieved 23 July The biggest surprise on the album is probably the progressive vein that moves through all the songs. Retrieved 20 April The foundation for some of the album’s material already existed in the form soubd unfinished compositionsmelody lines and ideas written by Kerzner. Retrieved 16 May They are in the right way, but it still needs some improveme Then, within a short span, a visit to their website, listening a few samples, reading a few reviews and finally all the Amazon buttons were pushed.

To be honest, this is almost a almost. It is a catchy song with few prog elements apart from the middle part which was left out for the single versionbut remarkably good!

Sound Of Contact – Dimensionaut

While he may fly the prog coup and become a Vegas star one day, I happen not to think so, or at the least, I hope not. Like I said, this is a difficult album to rate. The arrangements are bombastic and grandiose when need be.


sound of contact dimensionaut

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. There is nothing thrown together here, though, but the art of making it all coherent and cohesive.

Many songs are about Earth and creatures dumensionaut origin is not quite clear. Phil must be beaming, the apple does not fall far from the tree, as he probably knows that his early Genesis gig was musically the most astonishing legacy he will have in the future.

By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. And contrary to many other musical constructions of comparable length it seems like a unity, an intelligent and coherent arrangement that does not appear to be parts stuck together. All Worlds Dijensionaut Times Total time Simon’s vocals are melodious, memorable and work very well for the song. Pop stars fade quickly, perhaps mercy on us!