During his rule, Lahore also became a great center of learning and culture. In Mahmud of Ghazni invaded Bhatia probably Bhera , and in he invaded Multan , at which time Anandapala’s army attacked him. By that time, however, most of the centers of Buddhist and Hindu learning were already destroyed. Indian soldiers under their commander Suvendhray remained loyal to Mahmud. A number of soldiers in his army were also Hindus.

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Anonymous April 19, at Mahmud attacked Somnath inand its ruler Bhima I fled.

They were also used against a Turkic rebel, with the command given to a Hindu named Tilak according to Baihaki. Mahmud’s companion was a Georgian slave Malik Ayazand his love for him inspired poems and stories. The specific problem is: Wikiquote has quotations related to: But, as is well known, Hindu sources do not give any information regarding the raids of Sultan Mahmud, so that what follows is based solely on the testimony of Muslim authors.

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Sultan Mehmood Ghaznavi by Mubeen Rasheed | Faakhir Islamic & Education Books

While he acknowledged the Abbasids as caliph as a matter of form, he was also granted the title Sultan in recognition of his independence. He then set out west from Ghazni to take the Kandahar region followed by Bost Lashkar Gahwhere he turned it into a militarised city.


His son Anandapala succeeded him and continued the struggle to avenge his father’s suicide. Later they repeatedly raided and traded territory with his successors across Khorasan and Balkh and even sacked Ghazni in These forces were defeated when the Qarakhanids under Nasr Khan invaded them from the north.

Mahmud of Ghazni

Aabroo Aslam October 21, at 2: In Mahmud raided Gujaratplundering the Somnath temple and breaking its jyotirlinga. In the context uru his religious policies toward Hindus, modern historians such as Romila Thapar and Richard M.

In he attacked Mathura and defeated a coalition of rulers there while also killing a ruler called Chandrapala. Noaman Alam April 23, at 3: The department of police and post were efficient. He transformed Ghazni, the first centre of Persian literature[29] into one of the leading cities of Central Asia, patronizing scholars, establishing colleges, laying out gardens, and building mosques, palaces, and caravansaries.

There are various stories in medieval texts describing the lack of interest shown by Mahmud to Ferdowsi and his life’s work.

Sultan Mehmood Ghaznavi – Islamic Book Bazaar

That same year Mahmud also attacked the Jat people of Jud. During this period the Samanid state became highly unstable, with shifting internal political tides as various factions vied for control, the chief among them being Abu’l-Qasim Simjuri, Fa’iq, Abu Ali, the General Behtuzun as well as the neighbouring Buyids and Qarakhanids. Jayapala killed himself and was succeeded by his son Anandapala.


Persian Poetry at the Indian Frontier: The gift was then given to his daughter, since his son had already died at the age of Mahmud initiated the first of numerous invasion of North Krdu. A number of soldiers in his army were also Hindus. During Mahmud’s rule, universities were founded to study various subjects such as mathematics, religion, the humanities, and medicine.

According to Bosworth, the chief presence in Lahore was “the volunteer element of the army, the ghazis “. The next year, he captured Somnath and marched to Kachch against Bhima I. He also established a Museum in Ghazni. Not to be confused with Mahmud Hotak.