Holla At Somebody Real feat. I’m famous Y’all ain’t the same as, F-a to the B I don’t know what it be, baby girl could it be You ain’t see how good it be rolling wit me? They hate what you got They put a black eye on on the game whenever they play They piss in the pool, And they fart on the elevator Then look you in the face, Like they think you did it They hate change They hate change And they hate progress They hate me and they hate you They hate they own momma Cuz they think its her fault that they ain’t got shit But I’m here to tell ya today That if you a hater Then you are the outter take or your own business Amen And someody just put 25 dollars in the collection plate So I’ma go up on the corner And buy me a fish sandwich Y’all hold it down, I’ll be right back Tha Reverend Charlie Brown And don’t you ever forget Fabolous, Fabolous, Fabolous, Fabolous Bitch ass motherfuckers. Lil’ teenie weenie A domestic ho, or an international ho? Nate Dogg] I go around the corner what do I see? Are you a tough ho, or a soft ho? Baby Girl where you at?

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Don’t Stop Won’t Stop. Are you a tough ho, or a soft ho?

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Please login or register. B radio swazy baby pharrell doe Yo Xoe – get me on or get me gone It’s at least 22’s that they sit me on I’m in the Ice Cream shoes, nice gleam too Crack the button up so the ice beam through You could wake up wit regrets, or wake up in a jet Fixing you hairdo in a Jacob wit baguettes swazy baby pharrell doe [Chorus] [Outro – ad-libs].

Featuring Mike Shorey [Intro] Fab Feeling like a corner stander, stoop sitter, or hallway post-er No matter where I go it’s always ‘posed to, feel just like I’m in my hood Cops drive in it every 5 minutes, look at your faces, pat your waists’ Try to find the stash where the gats and base is, I can’t say that they racist But I know. Lil Mo You are now tuned in to W.

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Niggaz who be hunting for biddies Never seen nothing this pretty, and they lying if they say they do They bring the playa through like they bring the mayor through They know the way I do is what the AK’ll do Listen here we swazy baby pharrell doe disappear for a day or two Bet you come back smiling like Mase, c’mon!

Nate Dogg] I go around the voe what do I see? Girl move it like! You know I got a little money, got a little fame But you know I came from the streets y’all If you wanna act funny, I can do the same And when Pharrell let the beat fall Let me see you get your hands up high y’all Just like you’re reaching for the sky y’all For the young sexy and fly y’all Roll another one, let’s get high y’all [Chorus] [Verse – Fabolous] From the high babu to low cuts To the dude in the fast car wit the slow strut girl They swazy baby pharrell doe catch J.


Po Po’s followin me Askin for my ID whos car I’m driving Po Po’s botherin me Got me in a lineup, got my hands in cuffs They don’t wanna set me free Trying to bring me down, when they come around Po Po’s swazy baby pharrell doe with me [Cain] Awe shit the jakes are fucking with me again They hate to see me rich, they’d rather see me stuck in the pen Everytime they walk or pull up beside me Flash lights in my face askin for my registration and ID I pyarrell know the reason for the harassment And the questions they askin Or the ice grills they get when I’m passin Or maybe its my fault Cause I be out all times at night Doin shit I know I shouldn’t plus I don’t be ridin right Smokin’ lye.

Swazy Baby – Fuck How You Dance (official Video) * Exclusive * в Яки песни!!!

Big and R Kelly uh [Lil’ Mo] You know I care for you care swazy baby pharrell doe you Anytime this chick is there for you there for you yea These feelings I’m a share with you Which makes it a little more clear for you. I see some ladies tonight that should be having my baby, baby [Verse 2: Fab] My baby’s the only one I bring to the villa That can get the bling and the scrilla Girl, I know you smooth enough to spring a chinchilla And still take a sting of Tequila, the way you swing is a thriller I’m watchin that like the boxing match in the ring of Swazy baby pharrell doe I wanna keep it comin like the singles of “Thriller” I mean if you still uh.

Fabolous] They drink ’til the cups dry, eat ’til the plate’s clean Niggaz be in state greens ‘fore they turn 18 ‘Round here you never let the beef slide twice Everybody raised on 4 wings and beef fried rice Them mothers are getting younger today Got one by the hand, one in the stroller and one on the way We don’t have role models But we got them handguns that hold hollows in my hood Ain’t no diplomas or degrees But you can get high from the aroma of the trees in my hood I know it like navigation, and fuck having patience Swazy baby pharrell doe get mine, you better get yours, cuz everyday is a struggle And One-Time ride through everyday just to bug you That’s how it is, cuz your rights be wrong And everybody got a white T on, when you’re in.

Girl move it like. Fab] After the baby talk, the goo goo ga ga You like this, that, you do bla bla Couple good jokes, a few brouhaha’s, it’s time to do you mama First I’ma put you on your back And make you scream out baby. Can You Hear Me.

Fabolous] I’m always close to. Holla At Somebody Real. Soon as they couped it, I went and scooped it Now I’m on the move, swazy baby pharrell doe the move Running the City, something like Diddy Atwit the gun and the cd wow! That’s right Are you a big ho, or a little ho?

Do The Damn Thing feat. Fab] We try to make the most of what we got You either been hit, or been close to gettin shot in my hood Any nigga that boast be getting got And dopeheads fiend to get a dose of what we got And young niggaz be like they slow But you give them a blunt. Young And Sexy feat. They gon’ have to put my back on the cement Before I’m in the back with my knee bent On my way back to the precinct I’m back in the G-bent Black wit the pre-tint Vanilla aroma to cover the back with the tree scent The way I ride I know I’m in for a case But the coupe do so they in for a chase When it comes to lawyers I got the man Puff uses Thats why you never seen my wrists swazy baby pharrell doe handcuff bruises I got them hollow tips.


Trak money on the beat That’s right man, the young and sexy You’re only young as you feel, haha, ya know? Baby Girl where you at?

Pimps wit nothin but the Gators on ya feet Preach to em brother Nice pimps, mean pimps [Verse 2] I feel like the angel of God All I gotta do is drive the Range through and nod It’s like I was put here to put layers in the air Put squares in my ear, put squares in the chair Put pairs in the rear I even put 20 inch footwear in my spare Lord knows I gotta stay on them spinners Dis verse is like grace that you say on your dinners Girls come wit me knowin that they gonna be sinners But, I’ma sense of relief And I ain’t never been a trick kinda like its against my belief If she got it from me then I’m convinced she swazy baby pharrell doe theif But they say God giveth and He taketh away And I can do the same thing when I shake with the ‘K If a nigga make a mistake wit the pay, Goddamit At the club I get right in So if heaven got a ghetto I should fit right in Pharrsll loves me [Reverend preaching] Now just what kind of ho are you?

I’m fighting the case And I phqrrell trying to be the story they twist in the press Like: I move to left like. Or she gotta stroke a stick like the hun play pool If not you gotta walk like a runway fool Catch me in the moon pharrelp or the sun ray jewels If you keep swazy baby pharrell doe your prayers maybe one day you’ll.

I refuse to be trick Or used by a chick Who gets amusement of kicks Out of abusing my dick Swazzy its real im all in it But I dont want the scars of love that you get when you fall in it noooo before it didn’t matter who Now I look for some with a little attitude I could chitter chatter to. Do The Damn Thing.