The private password for the game server, provided by the client. Configure with custom fields and configurable options to ask for location, hostname, slots, etc. Slot and type monitor – We have integrated security measures into the game monitoring system which will alert you if your client changes their slot count, or changes their server from private to public. Field Name Description Term Enter the term for the desired pricing option. With TCAdmin you don’t have to worry about it.

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With the TCAdmin sub-user accounts, clans can allow different logins and set permission for these sub-accounts. This article will cover on setting up both. Here are the details tcamin your server: In WHMCS, you can configure dropdowns and radios tcadmin send a different value to the module than tcadmin one that is displayed in the order form.

The Power of Control

Enter the tcadmin values again and save. You can also store numerous templates and allow users to select which one to display when they login. Simply click on check updates within your panel tcadmin you will be provided with a list of current updates that are available. The only thing left to do is to add this Package Group to an order form so clients may place orders for your Tcadmin servers. This module supports configurable options which may be used for provisioning Game or Voice servers.


Pages with syntax highlighting errors. The Game Monsters thegamemonsters. TCAdmin has a built in key system which provides this valuable feature which stores and hands out game keys as needed to your tcadmin. With TCAdmin all you have to do is configure his dedicated server as a tcadmin and assign it to his account. Some may require you to create game configs for yourself.

Also contains support for specifying map directories instead of publishing.

A t tachments 17 Page History. The module value and display value are separated by the pipe character ” “. It will update all your servers, both master and tcadmin This will allow you tcadmi upload and download files to and from your server as you wish. The following tcadmin describe how to create configurable options.

Assign a “Custom Field” or “Configuration Option” from the list next to each attribute. Game server mover – Move a game server from one location to another automatically. Field Name Description Term Enter the tcadmin for the desired pricing option. Then just create a new tcadmin and assign him to that group.


TCAdmin – Shopping Cart

Some of these providers offer our TCAdmin Datacenter Edition software tcadmin allows the client to have their very own master server setup without the hassle of finding game files and configs. Name Enter a name, which is the form field name.

The values of slots, Xms and Xmx variables are set depending on its value. Rogue Spear Rainbow Six: We aim to be the best Minecraft host out there, providing best server hosting at an affordable price. Certain Configurable Options are required, but this list in no way limits the Configurable Options that can be created. This usually means that the client tcadmin to learn how to tcadmin and configure the games they want to host. Allied Assault Medal of Honor: Packages define the pricing, welcome email, module and more.

So what are you waiting for? Tcadmin the download quota.