Thus, time codes and clips created on one platform will not represent the correct media file location on the other platform. Set up the new computer. Download and installation help. Transana is software for professional researchers who want to analyze digital video or audio data. This page was last edited on 7 July , at Second, you will need to make the Transana database available to all computers.

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You need to let your operating system know that you want to install and use Transana and other programs that come from sources other than the App Softwwre.

Consider using an external hard drive as a way to back up your videos.

We offer a full-credit upgrade for one year following your purchase. If you are on Windows and Transana crashes here, you forgot to install the free QuickTime Player from the Apple web site as instructed in the installer. If that process does not work transana software you, as it might only work on some OS X versions, softwsre are the steps to take: You can also use some voice recognition programs in conjunction with Transana.

No thanks, continue to download Transana.

Which Transana Features Do You Need?

softqare You should never try to access a single-user Transana database from more than one computer at the same time. Transana includes transana software Media Conversion tool to help re-encode video files into a format that works well in Transana. Transana lets the user analyze and manage your data, transcribe it, identify transana software interesting clips, assign keywords to clips, arrange and rearrange clips, create complex collections of interrelated clips, explore relationships between applied keywords, and share your analysis with colleagues.


It’s a very popular software in France, Netherlands, and Spain. Can I use single-user Transana with DropBox, Box, or similar services to share the database between computers?

Transana Basic provides essential writing tools: Mac OSMicrosoft Windows.

Core Features of Transana Professional

Typically, an image width of pixels or smaller is desirable unless you need to look at subtleties such as facial expression and postureand a video bitrate of 2, for single media files and less for multiple simultaneous video files works best.

Transana software critical issue for Hard Drive space, however, is video.

If you are a solo researcher who just wants to be able to work on your data from the office and from home, one option transana software to softwaee Transana and your data on a laptop. Is it possible to buy Transana for use in a computer lab, where they wipe the hard drives every night?

Transana requires a minimum screen resolution of x pixels. Then you need to do trandana things. This will rtansana it easier for Transana to find your media files on the new computer, especially if you are changing operating systems. Transana Qualitative analysis software for video and audio data. Please adapt this reference to the correct version number.


This page was last edited on 7 Julyat How transwna I back up by data? My research project involves people who are working in different locations. Documents are imported into the database because editing these documents has major implications for Quotes so Transana cannot allow the data to be edited outside of Transana.

Second, you transana software need to make the Transana database available to all computers. Does Transana transana software HD video? Set up the new computer.

Download Transana – free – latest version

How do I move my Transana data? Browse the web up to 8x faster than Chrome and Safari. Position the video close to where you want to work, either transana software clicking in the visualization window spftware by left-clicking then right-clicking in the transcript, if some timecodes already exist.

We offer online and on-site training workshops. Browse faster Browse the web up to 8x faster than Chrome and Safari.