Not Supported iPhone 4: The next method for unlocking your iPhone is a software unlock. One can say that one of the best benefits of jailbreaking is that it enables you to unlock your iPhone via a software called Ultrasn0w. If not, is it possible to downgrade to any of the supported baseband? Here’s a brief tutorial on how to unlock iOS 5.

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It means that now you can unlock your iPhone 4 or 3GS ultrasnow fixer older basebands. If you purchase an iPhone on a contract then it is locked to that carrier until your contract runs out.

How To Unlock iPhone: Everything You Need To Know [How To]

But when i first bought the 3gs it was locked to apple. Does this ultrasnow fixer work for baseband For more information on Jailbreaking you can visit our Jailbreaking section. When you Jailbreak your iPhone you are not unlocking it, rather opening it up to 3rd party tweaks and applications. And with that, you should now be able to unlock your iPhone using Ultrasn0w. When the original iPhone was released this was indeed possible, but long gone ultrasnow fixer those days.


I never paid to have a factory unlock done. Hydrogen – Elemental WordPress Hosting.

How to Unlock iPhone 4/3GS on iOS 5.1.1 Using Ultrasn0w Fixer?

It does not show up in my Cydia after adding sources. There are many online services available for IMEI unlocking your iPhone, which you can find yourself. If you updated your device to iOS 5.

If not, is it possible to downgrade to any of the supported baseband? How To Unlock iOS 6. Hiya need help ultrasnow fixer got a iphine 4 and need it iunlocked and its jailbroken?? Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published. Not Supported iPhone 5s: It says request timed out.

Unlock iOS 6, On iPhone 4, 3GS With UltraSn0w Fixer

Does this Ultrasnow fixer stil ultrasnow fixer The only problem with software unlocks are that they require a Jailbreak and are only supported on a limited number of older baseband versions.

Step-by-step tutorial on this later.

This is obviously only useful for unlockers who rely on a specific baseband version to maintain their unlock. The obvious downfalls included limited iPhone generation and baseband support, as well as the requirement of being Jailbroken. For those of you who use UltraSn0wyou ultrasnow fixer probably disappointed that is has not yet been updated for iOS 6 compatibility. Another method of unlocking an iPhone involves purchasing some sort of passthrough card or SIM interposer.


This guide assumes that you have updated to iOS 5. I have recieved an iphone 4s from a friend in US but it is locked with an itune inscription on it. You might have got tethered jailbreak.

Keep in mind that ultrasnow fixer a new baseband exploit is found and one of these software iPhone unlocking solutions is updated we will update this list.

Not Supported iPhone 6 Plus: Unlocking the iPhone is a process where the iPhone is modified to accept the SIM card of any carrier. You can also subscribe without commenting. You might be doing something wrong. Unlock iPhone 6, 6 Plus, 5, 4 — UnlockTips.