Now my laser will live longer! After a year and a half later, I have decided to re-write this guide, because honestly, it was not my own and it was presented very poorly. Because of this, I will be looking to update all the pictures in this article to have a watermark. We have an active team scouring the net for those who have copied this article. Here are some ways to stay updated with happenings around The Underground.

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Flash drives can workbut the performance is so horrible its not worth doing it.

USBeXtreme ps2 cracked usb extreme Download Free by Uy8NBPGODWF3FWl7nM Mohring on Prezi

This tutorial shows networking steps for Windows XP and Windows 7. Exposing information you never knew existed.

Here are the PROs and Cons: Then usbrxtreme this http: You only need this if your ISO is over 4Gb. Tell us what you love d about usbextreme game installer, what game you hated, when you first got your system, or if you’re completely new to it! Must be FAT32 formatted, must have files in the correct folders. Works on both fat and slim PS2.


Preparing the USB hard drive: Everything else is for HDAloader. Posted in playstation 2. Subscribe Here to the Newsletter! Posting Rules Rule 1: Treat people with respect.

Please do not submit any posts usbextreje could be deemed “an attempt to sell something.

Free Download Usb Extreme Game Installer Software | youfl

What tools do I need to make this work? Remember, “Live in your world, play in ours! We regularly update the wiki to answer most basic questions. My DVD drive is letter H. Usbeztreme that site, this tutorial is nothing.


This is what I recommend: DVD9 games like God of War 2 are larger than 4. Please report any bots you may see as they will help us get rid of them. Welcome to Reddit, the front page of the internet. The type of disc I am ripping from is DVD.

This is your warning. Fixed video tutorial links.

Welcome to the Underground.

You need to have at least one of the items below before we continue:. When the rip is usbextreme game installer, you will see a screen like the one below: No need to format it again. Posted in playstation 2 Comments Tags: Cons Game compatibility is low.


Because of this, I will be looking to update all the pictures in this article to have usbextremf watermark. Expect revisions all year round guaranteed.