The following information are translated from the german version of the driversoftware. How can I place a light shaper in studio? How can I create a Setplan? Can i change the System of units between Metric and Imperial ft – feet? Assure there is enough overstock on all the surfaces to be machined Calculate raw-part alignment for optimal overstock distribution Locate and adjust the part in the machine.

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Where do I find news on set. Brochure Showreel Events Contact us. What does the histogram do? All pictures and settings on the timeline are contained within the. Where do I find information on new features?

Can I light shapers, objects, models, etc. Select the layer, veet as a background to adjust. In the timeline you can see the photos you’ve taken. Lenses with vset 3d focal lengths provide different design options.

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If the program displays an error message, please enter a short description of the problem in the text field and then click on send. Images with transparencies appear similar to 3D objects in the software and also cast a shadow. You can either subscribe to our newsletter or you can receive news via email. Select the tab “Lights” vset 3d the bottom of the user interface in order to gain an overview of the available lighting technology.


Can i change the System of units between Metric and Imperial ft – feet?

While in the Setup Tab the mouse can be used to click and drag on the preview window to change the location of the layer. As of version 1.

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Where can I see when an update is available and what it contains? How can Vset 3d lock objects in the setlist? What is meant by “shadow preview”? What crop factor does my gset have? Through the import function previously exported settings can be restored. Is there an “autosave” function? The file can be very small, but can also reach several MB.

Setup Choose from one of the built-in Virtual Set presets to add it to vMix.

Virtual Set

The studio area only shows a kind of preview, which does not correspond to the end result. In this way you help us detect existing faults vaet quicker. Usually settings are not lost during a reinstallation, but for security purposes they should be backed up as described in Step 1. Install vset 3d latest version of set.


The second possibility ist that you do not start set. In most cases, set. Name E-Mail Send registration. Allows for interaction of the talent with 3D elements in 3v virtual set. Click “Settings” and then “Imperial ft “. All settings that are made within the program such as individual vsset for example can be vset 3d together via the export function.

What can I vset 3d with the handles? Alternatively you can also add the model by double-clicking it. How many pictures can I store in the timeline?