Only one thing is unclear to me: All I could think while watching the video was “what!? The Male gymnast model was made by another artist in Max, but I rigged and animated it in Blender. XD Well the game look so cool. This guy is crazy haha, he has been doing trampoline all his life and decided to make a game

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We can post some ideas? Maybe next you could get the physics to work on the girl’s skirt walabees it blows with the wind, it looks too stiff. Receive our daily news roundup via email.

Stu on December 23, And dude I just love what I’ve seen so far. The problem is that when I press play, in free play or story mode, the screen freezes and stays yellow, then it turns black and the game closes.

Walaber’s Trampoline (Game) – Giant Bomb

I had to severely compromise my system’s security to dl this file tolerate all kind of cookies and dodgy scripts. It is one walabers trampoline the best games ever played. Only one thing is unclear to me: Viktor on August 1, What makes it interesting besides having a totally original and crazy traampolineis that walabers trampoline of the modeling was tramoline with Blender and that he used the Ogre3D game engine.


Can someone please help me with this problem, or know what is going on? I don’t think it was intended to be so easy to hack, but it is and I can make the game walaberz coool stuff. It is possible to set the initial rotation for a jump in some analog sense, in Trampolinebut by modifying the trampolline of when you start to hold left or right. Lekane on November 4, Next Article Blender presentation in Brno, Czech republic.

How can I get the other characters like the girl with the skirt? This looks like a LOT walabers trampoline fun!! Lol i’ve seen kind of wips thread of this game in different forums Also, this is the 49th review!

Walaber’s Trampoline

Ive been having walabers trampoline craving for ragdoll and other cool physics ever since i first found out about them! Personally I enjoyed the competitions and the single trick levels much more than the combo levels. Is there anything i need to download? The game is also awesome Awesome site.


He has quite the portfolio building up.

I really need the income to keep this site running. There will be a linux version? Cooly, it’s incredibly easy to mod. My name is Matthew Wegner, and this site is dedicated to physics games. I hope the girl was wearing a bikini also. Fab on November 5, Mail will not be published required. This game is great, took me about 15 minutes to figure it out, its a great idea for a walabers trampoline.

Thanks for the post — and laugh. I just finished part 11 of the story mode, and get to the first competition. I read about the game before but I never knew it traampoline free.