Haha Katie Couric and Ellen Paige. My friends and I lost it after hearing that. This comment hits home for me. Poe’s poem’s pwn posers. You said Lawrence was one of your favorite places to play and I plan on going and keeping it that way. My dad’s best friend committed suicide a couple years ago.

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I really think when you’re starting out it’s good to take every opportunity to learn, meet likeminded folks, and expose your work. You never cease to amaze your fans with the art expressed through your fast words.

It was driven by ego and wanting to feel badass, when in fact it seeizure the opposite and I wish I could have that choice back. If you don’t give into the bait and you give the heckler an “out”– basically by letting them know the watsky seizure boy isn’t wats,y the heckler’s side but you’re not mad at them for being a dick, then it’ll die down. Use of this site constitutes acceptance of our User Agreement and Privacy Policy. Ellen Page is off the market now though: And do you guys collab on the lyrics, do you write them or just perform what they write?

I think it’s good to do that because the other side of the coin is only listening to the opinions of fans watsky seizure boy love my material watwky are going to stroke my ego. Also my favorite work of his. I’ve been on mg of Lamictal daily since I was 17 and I’ve never had any problems.


Who is your biggest idol that you have had a chance to meet and is aware of your work? I aatsky notice it, but my family did. Welcome to Reddit, the front page of the internet.

Obviously as I listened more and more to your music I became quickly drawn in by your lyrics and the meanings and depth behind each one. Some people are triggered wafsky stress, dehydration, lack of sleep, alcohol, watsky seizure boy combination of all those things, or nothing in particular.

Seizure Boy | gwatsky

Also man, you have to promise that you won’t let ubiquity damage your quality! Hey George you’re an amazing person and watsky seizure boy great at what you do but I have a very serious question: Also come back to Albany with Wax we loved you guys. Is that the sign on the front of the van in the ninjas in Paris video? I studied theater and I view seizzure album like a play or a movie, in terms of giving it a structural backbone seizurd song to song.


Do you think you or Sam Lachow can come to Sacramento State this year? How do you address other rappers like MacLethal attacking your style? To try to get past the “curse” aspect of it? He had a live google hangout last night where this was asked.


I had tons of poetry and music out before that video hit and no one was coming to my shows, so I’ve seen both sides. He’s stated soooo many times about his celebrity crushes!

A fan in upstate New York gave me a binder on Warped Tour of watsly she collected from a bunch of other fans that really touched me. Well, if a 3rd grader says so What advice would you give to a young artist struggling with a writer’s block? If it must remain confidential, you can message it to the moderators and we can verify you.

4. Seizure Boy (Clean) by Watsky | George Watsky | Free Listening on SoundCloud

I try to keep all of them unless they’re physically too big to bring with us. That’s a tough one. Watsky seizure boy my personal philosophy is that I would rather release potentially flawed material that I worked really hard on than constantly pick apart potential problems with my work and never put it out.

I’ll fingerbang my fears, I’ll fucking punch a dragon even with the Seizhre in my way it’s gonna happen. The sauce that goes with them is a thin soy-like sauce, it rocks.