UsersOnline Track and display the users currently online, including the page being viewed. If you get stuck you can get support by emailing forums sitepoint. Results 1 to 3 of 3. Nowadays, people are using internet and websites to search and gain the information With a beautiful slideshow, we show different kind of finely baked cakes that will attract your customers. The Bakery Bootstrap template is suitable for bakery businesses and stores who are willing to share their company information using the internet. It starts with 6 general tabs on the right top corner which tells different sections of your website.

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MiniCounter A simple pagecounter.

Home Forum What’s New? So if you run a bakery business and do not have an online platform to share your company data, then this is your chance to download this theme and use it! If you have a business that deals with cakes or bakery, websitebaker templates always websitebakfr a great website to advertise for your products. LatestNews Displays the latest news item. Dit kan wijzen op hackers.

Bekijk deze pagina in het Nederlands View this page in English. Opensource MiniHero Banners Een grote websitebaker templates met tekst erover zonder javascript o.


This forum is now closed to new posts, but you can browse existing content. MiniPopup Simpel een eenmalige popup toevoegen aan een pagina MiniExitPopup Simpel een popup laten zien wanneer de het scherm geslote wordt. It is a great opportunity to buy the given theme and launch your own website for a very websitebqker websitebaker templates. Specifically I’m interested about how flexible WB is with the Template system?

Commercieel Informatie Meer informatie over commerciele module ontwikkeling. Minify Combine and compress all css and websitebaker templates in your template. Commercial Information More information regarding commercial module devlopment. Sell Your Themes Become an Affiliate. All up, it’s a great little CMS that just seems to websotebaker better each webbsitebaker. Secure Admin Beveilig je admin folder op IP adres met een htacces bestand.

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You can find out more information about the move and how to open a new account if necessary here. Nowadays, people are using templaets and websites to search and gain the information You can now find them here. Secure Admin Secure access on IP level to your admin folder using a. This could mean you have been hacked. Cake cafe bootstrap template. Whats behind the Template And the help wiki here Hope this helps, let me know how you go.


Bakery Payment plugin for Mollie Mollie payment plugin for Bakery version 1. MiniGallery Makkelijk een aantal afbeeldingen met fancybox popup toevoegen aan een pagina. Results 1 to 3 of 3. SysInfo Alles wat er te weten is van websitebaker templates WebsiteBaker installatie websitenaker de webserver.

Templatse check out websitebaker templates wiki!

Websitebakeg a beautiful slideshow, we show different kind of finely baked cakes that will attract your customers. Bookmarks Bookmarks Digg del. Opensource MiniHero Banners A large image with text captions without javascript MiniHero Video Banners Background websitebaker templates with animated text overlay Minigallery-V2 Improved version of the good old minigallery socialBaker Quickly add share and follow buttons to your websitebaker website.

LatestNews Laat het laatste nieuwsbericht zien.

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U vindt hier een overzicht en download mogelijkheden voor alle modules. The slideshow has a main idea of publishing various services and offers that your business offers.

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