Inner Space links your game instances together, making it possible to send commands you know, like keystrokes! Send a private message to Allmachtige. Some of the cool stuff that Inner Space can do Inner Space can run. Mon May 14, 6: Lavish Software is an independent software development company founded in , specializing in high quality game enhancement software , with a focus on ” multiboxing ” — playing multiple characters together in Massively-Multiplayer Online games MMOs.

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Play characters together. Powerlevel yourself. Multibox.

Wineq2 all posts by wineq2. Mon May 14, 6: Our ISBoxer software for Inner Space, freely available to any of our subscribers, wijeq2 again revolutionizing multiboxing. There are other threads about winEQ2 on this forum, is it trying to get phased out or something?

And all you need are your existing Action Bar hotkeys.

Yep, they multibox too! Send a private message to slick.

WinEQ2 help – EQEmulator Forums

It has it’s place wineq2 a few loyal subscribers, so as long as the burden of maintenance is not high, then I can’t see it going anywhere. Wines2 around the globe are wineq2 our feature-packed software to better enjoy their gaming experience. In the “Name” field, type a something that identifies the profile as for EQemu Click the ” ISBoxer can send a keystroke to the other window for you! End result, wneq2 it works on Live, but it wineq2 work on an emu, and comes under one of the exceptions.


Find all posts by ventrax. You say it works one Live, but Emu is failing. I have to re-install WinEQ2 and I can get it to work once. In fact, if you work at an MMO publisher and would like to multibox with our software, we’d love to accommodate you wineq2 of charge.

WinEQ2 thread I would have thought the big logo in the top left would have been a good indicator that you’re issue is probably not going to have much of an answer in this particular forum.

Mon May 14, 7: I did what you said and when I try to start it i can an error message: Wineq2 all posts by Allmachtige. If you do, do you get the same error message when you try to launch everquest wineq2 way?

wineq2 Send a private message to Allmachtige. Please let me know if this doesn’t work out for you. Built upon the power of Inner Space, ISBoxer is the only multiboxing software that can fundamentally change the way you playwith the ability to wineq2 up fully interactive views from different windows! Pro paid or with trial features include custom window presets such as Full Screen Emulation and TinyPicture-in-Picturewindow tilingvideo capturewindow resizingdual monitor support and wineq2 Here’s how I set mine up: Lite free, with no purchase or trial required features include forcing the game into windowed mode, session-switching hotkeys wineq2 cycling and global activationcustom window titles, custom eqclient.


Joe Thalerthe owner and founder of Lavish Software and also known as Laxcan be contacted via e-mail at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. Wineq2 Windows Vista or later, Inner Space can provide live, fully interactive views from other games or application windows on the same computer!

Find out more at ISBoxer. Our philosophy Lavish Software believes in earning your business with quality wineq2 free of advertising and bloatware, and strong wineq2 from the developer. Sat Feb 15, 4: Send a private message to hairpin. Select Profiles, then pick a profile to work with.