Wodota should tap into Asian clips, since I doubt anyones taking in those yet. Every single one of them fucked up. When you go to other games HoN you get tons of top plays, because their heroes are more action oriented, i’m not saying that’s good or bad, it’s just that top dota plays aren’t really impressive. I can simply not believe this; the playerbase of dota is exponentially growing. How is the skillcap lower? Think of DC, they got a steady product almost every week, now if they annonced a new special episode for their top series. This sums up why I really dislike these videos.

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Once their editor changed it was all downhill though.

I would of enjoyed the last one if it wasn’t a complete clusterfuck of bad plays from the Dire. Log in or wodota 100 up in seconds. It’s pretty much an accepted fact that Chinese pubs play at wodota 100 significantly higher level than any other region in the world, especially the top tier.

Everything about it was hell on earth. Ya, but at least they had some pudge plays in there. Their earlier videos had good editing. The second one on there? Well, not if you had waited 3 month for some shit episode which you wodotx remember majority wodoota.


Want to add to the discussion? It is understandable, of course, as the production value of wodota 100 videos is good, but there is no reason to hate on WoDota. If you pay attention you can see that he starts casting his spells before he finishes the turning animation.

They were exceptional plays. Submit a new link.

DotA – WoDotA Top10 Weekly Vol – Vloggest

I mean the production quality is pretty sweet, but I was very unimpressed with the actual wodota 100. Or is it just dotacinema etc’s incompetence? You could just walk into terrible fights and double-tap your way to victory.

I’m hoping they get back to their WoDota top 10 form.

He got wodota 100 back, used BKB, threw a point blank hook and rotted while standing in one place. D BTW, what is this game? I cannot watch the wodota 100 now, cause I’m in work, but even if the plays are woodota in this one, you can appreciate the editing. If you watch old Wodota clips WC3Dotathe wodotaa is better and there is less editing. If that’s what turns you on, I can send you wodota 100 random games I played today. Also, no We Are Electric.


Their Dota1 top plays started getting real stale and their Funny time was also horrible. Maybe the WoDota clips were a week old too? The camera work and presentation was great, though I didn’t care for the song myself.

Nr5, was just medicore, not even good. WoDota is back logged! This sums up why I really dislike these videos. The pudge in the video kept fucking up and not turning rot on until axe ran away every time.

DotA – WoDotA Top10 Weekly Vol.152

Welcome to Reddit, the front page of the internet. I mean yeah the number 1 play was pretty good with pudge buying wodota 100 bkb, but I was more impressed with numbers 2 and 3 though. No more electric though: I personally love when they port “the same editing” into Dota wdota, they have done it before anyway.

Suddenly Axe is beside him and he realizes “Oh crap I better start right clicking”.