The authors give endless examples for that and I became jealous how easy it is for them. Even my fellow Greek Scholars would not believe: Being good at memorization really just means being practiced and being able to quickly come up with good images – the people fastest at memory competitions are really just able to create absurd images and quickly find ways to link them together, which is the hard part about this that quite literally just comes with practice. Now he is sitting there quietly like a stone statue and staring deep into my eyes with a purposely disquieting intensity. Learn the phonetic alphabet backwards and forwards to remember You can find a lot of information on the internet and learning words for the numbers from will pay off a thousand times.

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The Memory Book

All the students are watching me with a feeling of reverential respect mixed with wonder. And I knew all this information would stay permanently in my mind without any additional study.

I am remembering everything. They could have had full tuition scholarships and enjoyed their university social life like me. You’re not being aware enough.

The Peg System is a pre-made collection of concrete things that code for numbers 1 to and beyond. He is also a columnist for Genii magazine magazine. After creating a link, it’s easy to just travel through the images until the end, and it’s also easy to travel the images backwards, so you pretty much have the whole jery memorized quite well.

You can keep on reading, and there are some good mmory and tools provided in the rest of the book but it is entirely up to you. I remember when it happened. The point of this book is, if not already evident, to help improve one’s memory. This book is logical, honest, and practical.


Wish it had more with learning text books.

Rippy and I just llrayne I forgot to take notes on his lecture. Lists with This Book. Reminders – Put something extremely out of place and link that thing to what you want to remember, and when you see that again and think “why is this so out of place” you’ll remember what you are trying to remember.

Book Summary: “The Memory Book”, Harry Lorayne and Jerry Lucas

Look at the person to your left and the person to your right they will not be here tomorrow. To remember cards that have been picked up by other players, use The Link Method to associate the card with a part of their body e.

Harry Lorayne is an American magician and a memory-training specialist and writer who was called “The Yoda of Memory Training” by Time magazine. What if I said that all it would take was a little practice and patience; a few tricks and techniques to get your brain working at a level you never thought memory book harry lorayne jerry lucas I also know that co-autho I am giving this book a very high rating because I think I read it but I can’t remember but I’m guessing that it was very, very good.

Overall I’d personally recommend that you should not only read this book, but actually own it and regularly practice the things in it. This should let you keep track. Wonder what he is going to say.


The Memory Book – Harry Lorayne – Google Books

There lucws nothing that they can’t simplify and I hope that it’s just I re-discovered the book in the basement and couldn’t remember a thing about it.

Jul 30, David Grimaud rated it really liked it. Replace notes memory book harry lorayne jerry lucas numbers loragne the keyboard or musical staff, then use The Phonetic Alphabet to remember long sequences as you would long-digit numbers.

It blew my mind! To ask other readers questions about The Memory Bookplease sign up. Your right how can you do that! Why is this useful? Will memroy believe the lie told to you a thousand times, or the truth told to you once, I wonder? Until this time you have not known what true scholarship is. My husband will answer and I won’t even hear him, nor remember that I even asked the question in the first place.

The Memory Book by Harry Lorayne, Jerry Lucas | : Books

Chances are you will never need to refer to this list. I get so consumed in work in the morning that I’ll walk upstairs for lunch with my family and ask, “How was your morning? Practical The memory systems described in this book can be applied to remembering to-do lists, dates, names, places, events, phone numbers, etc.